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If you are planning to marry a psychologist or are already married to one, beware, this guy or gal may know a lot more than you think about how to manipulate you, how to brainwash you, how to abuse you, how to hypnotize you, and how to make your self-esteem drop to zero. The plus side however is that this person could also be a wonderful person who only uses his psychology expertise in the office; or he can use his knowledge to the betterment of his family. But the statistics show that psychology professionals rank high as abusers along with lawyers and a few other professionals.

There are other professionals usually with very high IQs who are not psychologists per se not having a degree in psychology but being very knowledgeable in the area of psychology. These types may also use psychological mind tricks.


Basically mind tricks fall into the category of brainwashing or programming and can be facilitated by hypnosis without your knowledge especially if you watch a lot of TV or use drugs of any kind. Your psychology professional may be a drug user himself and facilitate your demise through his use of drugs and programming.

The psychology professional is not the street variety of abuser but may know all about street abuse and use in case he wants to hurt you.

The psychologist can program you to do as he wishes. He can turn you against your family, cause you to commit acts you would not have done on your own, and wreck havoc in your life. He often achieves this end by modeling. He will do a silly thing such as cut himself with a knife. He does this frequently until it is in your mind and you will also cut yourself with a knife.

You can be very vulnerable in the beginning if you love the guy or gal a lot.

He might say things and repeat them a lot till you find yourself saying the same things, but in the meantime due to his programming and brainwashing, you no longer think for yourself, and say the things he would say, instead of the things you actually think, because in a sense you have lost your mind to him. He has made you into a robot and controls you.

To get you where it hurts he may ask all kinds of questions about your family. When you answer him he will repeat what you said back to you with some false information in what he has repeated back to you so that you begin to think that this really happened when in fact it didn't. He can change your whole life story so that when you speak to family members you will no longer be remembering things the way they really happened. You will begin to insist that things happened that did not actually happen or that things happened in a way that they did not really happen.

He will in many ways say things to destroy your self-esteem. If you had high grades all through school in a particular discipline he will state that his sister or other family member is a genius at the discipline you were once a genius at. He will continually tell you how non-functional you are in this subject. He will continue this way until you have forgotten how you were once so good at that subject. When family members bring up the awards you once achieved you will denounce having ever achieved awards and begin to say that your spouse's sister was so much better than yourself and that you really never had any talent whatever.

To achieve the type of trait he wants to attribute to you such as shyness he will often talk about how shy you were and continually repeat this and even play records that talk of shyness. This way he can give you traits that you never had before thus giving you another personality and breaking down your true personality making you into a dissociative personality.

One way this type of person can totally disorient you is to get up early in the morning before you are awake and begin to make very loud noises with musical instruments and the stereo first disturbing your sleep and then continuing with some monotonous music that he keeps playing all day almost. With too much of this you will no longer be able to think your own thoughts.

One trick is to continually tell you how you did so and such at one time, which you never did. He will insist that you merely forgot but he remembers the incident well. However you did not forget anything, but he will continue with this until you believe you remember such an incident, and you will begin to forget who you really are.

Another type of trick is the victim. The victim has more power than you might think. You did this to me and you did that to me, thus causing guilt in the loved one. Or the victim might ask you for help due to his victimization, but what he is really doing is having power over you to get you to do what he wants. He might than brainwash or program you, you being all unsuspecting and wishing to help the loved person.


According to Bach and Deutsch (1971) in their book entitled Stop! You're Driving Me Crazy there are some essential rights that we are entitled to as human beings which they list in their chapter, The Sabotage of Sanity. They are 1) THE RIGHT TO KNOW, 2) THE RIGHT TO FEEL, 3) THE RIGHT TO IMPACT, and 4) THE RIGHT TO SPACE.


We have the right to information and information that is true when we are communicating with our loved ones. Lies do not provide information but rather the lack of information. Withholding information is a trick. The next time you speak of something which you think you have correct knowledge about your loved one can derail you with his pertinent information that he did not give you when he should have, therefore making you feel small and giving you the feeling of less confidence in yourself.
Therefore withholding information and lying are also mind tricks that are used by professionals and lay people alike.


We have the right to our own feelings that should not be impinged on by another person. No one can tell us how we feel, and this can be another trick. We didn't really feel what we felt. It is all in our minds, the trickster says. And we are at the beginning of being convinced that we are actually crazy. An example of this kind of trick is the child saying he wants to do something and the mother telling the child that he should want to do something other than what he actually wants to do. The mother tells him how much he prefers to do what she wants him to do rather than what he wants to do. She finally convinces him that he really does not want to do what he wants to do but wants to do what she wants him to do thus negating his feelings. He begins to cry and then she punishes him for having his own feelings. When adults behave this way with each other it is called mind raping. The trick here is actually a rape of the mind. Our own feelings have been raped to now express the feelings of the rapist. We do not have a mind that thinks and feels. We can only succumb to the rapist.


All people need to know that they exist. A sure way to make someone feel he does not exist is to not acknowledge him. So your loved one excitedly tells you his accomplishment and you say that has been around for years. Or the loved one says I just found out this interesting thing I never knew before and you say "oh, well everyone knows that." Or you just say something you feel is important and your relative says "everyone knows that." These are all sure ways to tell them they have no impact on the world and maybe do not really exist. They will feel like they are isolated even though many people may be around them. People need acknowledgement from other people to feel like they exist and that they have some impact on their environment. The thing is that if you know this you can say to yourself "that person just told me I don't exist, but I know I do and he is just a psychological trickster who likes to abuse his friends and relatives and likes to hurt people to make himself feel puffed up and important."


All people have this territorial need to have their own space and not have it be infringed upon - it can be any kind of space - time space, working space, physical space, or living space. Many people do not understand when they are invading another's space. To the trickster, he may deliberately invade space for the purpose of brainwashing and programming. The space of the mind is your own space also and should not be invaded by thoughts and feelings that do not belong to you.

All people have rights that should not be infringed upon. Psychological tricksters can be thwarted by letting them know that you are onto them. But beware, before you are brainwashed or programmed and can no longer defend yourself because you have lost your mind to the trickster.

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