What does it mean when i Dream I’m in the Nude

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"What does it mean when i Dream I'm in the Nude"
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Many people dream that they are naked. They may appear to bare all in a dream, in front of strangers, or worse still, in front of people they actually know in their waking life, who they wouldn't normally want to see them with no clothes on. So why is it that so many of us dream about being naked, and what does it mean?

To discover the meaning of dreams in which you are naked, you need to understand what the subject of nakedness, and exposure, means to you personally. Most of us share a universal view about being naked in public, which is different from how we feel about being naked in private. So let's take a look at what a dream about being naked, in either scenario means.

# Dreams about being naked in public

If you dream about being naked in public, you subconscious is telling you that you feel exposed about something you would rather keep private. When we bare all to complete strangers in dreams, we are likely to suffer embarrassment and humiliation. At other times dreams about being naked with other people watching us, are all about revealing a secret, or being found out when we are attempting to hide something.

Being exposed doesn't always mean we are doing anything untoward in our waking lives. It may mean that we feel exposed, because we have accidentally revealed more about our personality than we felt ready to. When we feel all eyes are upon us, or our private feelings and dealings have been aired in public, we can push back our feelings of embarrassment, which later streams out in to dreams.

# Dreams about being naked in private

If you dream you are naked, but you are alone, it may mean you are feeling confident and secure. In waking life, most of us wouldn't take our clothes off, unless we felt safe. When we dream about having no clothes on, but being alone with nature, it can signify that we feel at peace with the world, and at one with ourselves.

# Dreams about being naked with a lover

Dreaming about being naked with a lover present in the dream, can mean you crave intimacy. Our basic instincts can arise from our subconscious in our dreams, and pop up to let us know what we really want. This may be especially so, if we attempt to repress our needs during waking life.

At other times we dream about reality! If you have a lover, and are romantically active, your dream may be due to your subconscious integrating reality into your dream life. Like-wise, if you are a naturist, and regularly walk around naked, either on your own, or with other nudists present, your dreams may simply be a reflection of your everyday, waking life.

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