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Cause is usually interpreted as an existence that creates the subsequent horizon of events or simply the beginning. Causes of black hole, as the statement has implied, black hole could well be an effect of another series of mystery or the end to all misery. Anyway, its existence has lightened the load on Big Bang and given us another hope to trace our origin.

During my academic pursue, I have learnt and realised the criticality of boundaries in mathematical derivation and its effect on the final stable establishment. The biggest mystery in our world of today is its scary endless boundaries, physically. Whether you are here with the intention of leisure reading, finding the causes of black hole or to justify the existence of Big Bang, the theory of boundaries has certain effect in relation to black hole theory.

In order to see the effect of boundary and its relation to black hole, may be; let's start from a very basic scenario which is a point or dot. A line is rightfully established to justify the mere existence of the point and provide a boundary condition for the point. The final expression is generally expressed as the single dimension or simply the line. Unfortunately, the boundary of the line has extended into deep, dark infinity without an ends to satisfy the unknown.

While in search of ways to stabilise the condition, question like, what is beyond that line, has arisen. Again, further condition has been established to support the physicality of the line, therefore, another dimension is derived which is the second dimension or the plane. Now, hopefully we are all resonating in the same frequency. Although the line has obtained a larger plane to move about but the boundary problem still remain unsolved.

Undeniable, the third dimension or the space is the greatest discovery of mankind; it is the womb to nurture every single existence within it. By manoeuvring any point or dot within the next higher dimension which is the plane, every point is ended up at the point of origin; therefore, a spherical surface has brought to our attention. It is a wonderful feeling to have solved that problem; the excitement is tremendous. Every point is ended at where it has started, this is the initiate problem and we have made progress since then. Can we carry this truth further beyond the space with the same approach and experience? Is there a boundary in the space where we are living?

After big bang, black hole is obviously a source to quench our thirst and also an obstacle to impede the progress. Beyond black hole is where it has belonged to or led to. If black hole is the end, then it is also the cause for subsequent Big Bang due to the infinitely intense mass which rounds off every thing like usual. If Black Hole is not the end, the effects of it may be hidden interestingly beyond the hole. From the experiences many assumption is valid like, symmetrical existence, Black Hole is the start point in universe, mirror image, time as another constraint-etc.

The existence of black hole has given an opportunity to satisfy the boundary condition in the space and also justify the existence of Big Bang. I believe in near future, with the technology and knowledge, we are able to achieve even more.
Everything can be viewed from multiple angles, geometrically, the choice of view is as wide as spherical shape, I merely expressing one of it.

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