What a Smile can do

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"What a Smile can do"
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A smile is a catalyst which can eradicate the negative percussions of a mouthful of curses or hateful words. It is obtrusive and even offensive. In a situation that causes you to be in a position of being angry enough to have some for everyone a smile from across the room which may have been pointed at someone else can go through you and your game is over. You cannot help but let some of the negative energy go and it is irritating to feel so powerless. But a smile is powerful and is underrated more often than appreciated.

A smile is anatomically easier because of the structure of the face. When someone frowns they are not even telling the truth to themselves because they know that they would rather be smiling. Wounds that have lasted for years between divorced couples or broken friendships can be forgotten when someone smiles and reminds the other ones how much better it used to feel to let go and move forward. To be negative is to move backwards and makes absolutely no sense because people don't want to live that way. Sometimes people can even convince themselves that given their circumstantial problems they should not be happy so they damage themselves to conform with someone else's code of ethics when they could forget it and teach everyone around them a lesson in self medicating.

When a close family member or long term friend experiences a kind of hardship in their life many would consider themselves unworthy of being happy until their family or friend is also able to enjoy happiness. They would cut themselves down and become ineffective towards healing their family member or friend because of the handicap of depression. The guilt of being happy without someone close to you is a very common thought and should be addressed more often by people who could say anything and be listened to. It becomes more important in this country everyday to be happy alone without the guilt from someone not wanting to join you yet.

Sometimes you have to be happy alone; maybe not in a literal sense but in the way that you are the only one with what everyone else needs. Smiling is that way of sharing the medicine that fights more illnesses and ailments than Tylenol or Hydrocodon. It is all you need to do sometimes to save yourself from watching other people around you wallow in their personal hell.

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