What a Smile can do

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"What a Smile can do"
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A smile can work wonders when you are feeling down and you are the one receiving it.. A smile is priceless and is worth its weight in gold. The simple act of smiling at someone can indeed, make their day so much better. In this day and age, there are so many people who simply do no make eye contact. Indeed, for this is the age of the text. This is the age in which nobody talks - orally - to each other anymore.

Everyone is so involved within their own little world that all communication orally or otherwise, very rarely takes place now. Travel on any bus, train, or indeed stand in a queue and the majority of the people are communicating on their mobile phone devices, heads down, tapping away.

We have become a society who have withdrawn from each other. This is due to a number of things which have hindered, and not helped our society in many ways. Technology is one of the reasons as to why we have become more introvert - as explained above. Another reason is violence.

Violence in society now has reached epidemic levels, and this is one of the major reasons as to why people do not smile anymore. There are many people who fear smiling at a stranger for fear of being attacked. Their smile may be used as an excuse for the one receiving it, to attack for no reason.

This has happened more than once, and so, like a driver that does not stop at the side of the road if someone looks like they are injured for fear of being attacked, so it is with smiling too. People are simply too scared to smile for fear of the smile being misinterpreted. We have become a society in which smiling at each other has become unofficially banned.

Some people may see the smile as 'invading their personal space' and this is how ridiculas things have become now. That something as innocent as a smile could be misunderstood to mean 'something else' entirely. However for those that receive a smile from a stranger, take it for what it innocent communication of 'hello, how are you?'

A smile is free and, for those giving it and receiving it there are benefits both ways. For those who receive a positive response to their smile, then they have done their job. They have made someone - who may have been having a very bad day - feel a lot better about life and about themselves. Knowing that there are still people out there who are willing to give a smile, shows the one receiving that smile that there are people who care.

Having someone smile at you can make your heart soar, literally. This is enhanced even more because this day and age, out in the street, to find someone smiling can be a rarity. With the threat of attacks and people hardly communicating with each other, orally - and people texting and not making eye contact, then to receive a smile is priceless.

As explained above, a smile shows that there are still people who care in this world, care about the welfare and wellbeing of others. They smile, because they want to smile, they want to communicate and say hello. One must always remember that a stranger is a friend that you just don't know yet. A smile, can break that barrier. Fear stands in the way of many people smiling, but this must be overcome if we do not want to create a society of automatons who communicate only through text. { with smiley faces to boot.}

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