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"What a Smile can do"
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Love: A cure for what ails you.

For anyone that knows me and my views on mother's in-law then you're sure to know that I have had my fair share of problems with them. Two years ago now, she came down with a mysterious illness. It has brought a strong proud woman to her knees. No longer able to work, let alone walk, talk and breath some days. Soon after my father in-law was told he is suffering from kidney failure. This is hard for my husband because we live 2 states away so; visits are few and far between. He basically hears the suffering from afar, when they communicate via phone or emails. I now have a two and a half year old son. He is to say the least, the sunshine in their lives. He picks them up with his smile, he makes them cry when they watch the DVDs that I send them. He makes them proud with every little accomplishment that he does. This little person has become the best medicine that could ever be prescribed to a suffering grandparent.

It all started about two weeks ago now. My husband had to fly to Brisbane, Queensland for work related business. I knew that my mother in-law had been having a rough time. She had just been through a range of breathing tests that had not come back favorable. It was approximately 3am when I hatched a plan. Waking my husband up I told him that I would fly to Brisbane the morning that he was to leave with my son. Arriving at the gold coast (approx 45 minutes away from their home) I would hire a car and drive to his parents. This was all done under the cloak of silence. I wanted to see the look on their face when they opened the door to me. Now yes I know this is a bit harsh on the ill and elderly, but I have long since been one who enjoys the surprise of the unexpected on others.

As I drove to the airport fearing that I would not make the check in time I received a call from the airline company saying they had canceled my flight and I wouldn't be able to leave till 4 hours later. 2 minutes later I had my husband booking another flight through a different airline. I was not prepared to handle waiting at an airport with a child that wants to go, go, and go all the time. The flight up was bad, my son, who is an avid admirer of planes, decided that he would prefer to experience them from the ground rather than up front in action. His ears hurt him and screamed for the first hour of this two hour flight. By the time I arrived at the gold coast, lugging two bug bags (in an attempt to save my husband trouble and time when he flew later in the day) a car seat and a child that is screaming because its hot, his tired and all he wants is a cold drink. I managed to stumble over to the car rentals, only to find that the car and keys were located at the other end of the airport. Half hour of wandering around in the heat, I loaded the car and pulled out the satellite navigation system. Let me say here that this invention is truly for a man, turn right at the next intersection (Hah, I want to hear a navigation system say "If your not going to listen to me and take the directions, why have you turned me on") it was yet another hindrance on my sanity.

Five hours later I pulled up in front of the next door neighbours' house. My son was all excited and couldn't stop saying "Mommy go Boo?" I replied with "Yes honey, we have to be quiet and then sneak up and go Boo" * KnocK - KnocK * "Shhhh hon, someone's coming" It was Pa, and he didn't know what to say. I raised my finger to my lips and said "Shhh, we're hunting grandma's". I crept through the house; tip toeing in my high heals carrying my son. Just then I burst through the computer room door saying "Good lord, what are you doing?" Now for a woman that has no problem expressing how she feels, I made her speechless. All she could do is look at me, and her grandson that I am sure has grown in the 2 months that she hasn't seen him. Finally a whisper passed her lips "What, what. What are you doing here?" The tears built up in her eyes, he breathing became more labored. We embraced Grandma and said "Surprise!" A smile erupted and the details of my plan were revealed.

Although we were only able to spend four days with that side of the family, the health of both of them remarkably improved. The laughter and joy that they enjoyed with their family once again became apparent very quickly. My mother in-law was able to spend more time out of bed, breathing without gasping for air. My father in-law, who had been told that he was heading for a stroke by his doctor only 4 days before, showed more life than he has in months. I spent my days kicked back on the lawn swing, just watching them interact with my son. It is remarkable how what some would consider the smallest thing, to others is considered the best medicine that they have ever had. What is taken for granted by some has become apparent to me that it's a life saver to others. The voice of a loved one to the smile on their face, the little thing that we take for granted during the average day, someone else's finds it a gift from god that is appreciated to the up most. As I said to my mother in-law "We are here for your smile, and to hear your laugh". Share with your loved ones, and embrace the time that you have. But most of all, remember to Smile.

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