What a Smile can do

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"What a Smile can do"
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A smile happens when we curl up our lips. It is the perfect accent to any face. We all smile yet no two smiles are the same. A smile is a beautiful universal expression. It is something that we can share with strangers and friends. A smile has powers that words can not explain or define.

Smiles can brighten even the gloomiest days. They can be the fuel behind the fires of positive thinking. A smile can be the gateway to the soul. A smile can melt the strongest of defenses.

Smiles are our saviors. They can bring us up when we are feeling down. Smiles are the symbol of happiness and joy. A smile can go a long way. Its power sees no distance. There is no limit, no color, or no words that a smile can't see past.

A smile can help us move on. It can be a weapon and a tool. It can help show us that there are brighter days. A smile can bring us up when we are feeling down. Smiles can make others wonder what we are up to. They can help us learn from our own mistakes.

Smiles are best when they are shared. They can offer sanity to friends and comfort to strangers. Smiles can show interest. They can attract mates and friends. A smile makes people feel welcome and safe. A smile can answer questions without ever uttering a word.

A smile can light up a room. It can brighten the darkest of days. A smile can bring together people from all walks of life. With a smile a person can say so much. They can express their feelings with a simple glance. A smile means that others understand and relate.

A smile is a way of conveying pleasure. A smile says, "thank you". It says, "I am glad you are here". A smile welcomes people. It shows that you are glad to be in the moment. A smile breaks the ice when you struggle for the right words to say. A smile speaks the words our heads and hearts struggle to find. It is a friendly gesture. It is good for the soul.

Although smiling seems like a simple gesture, we don't do it nearly enough. Smiles are meant to be shared with others. Smiles are forever. When your time on earth is over, wouldn't you want to be remembered for all the smiles you brought to others? A smile is a gift. Give it to everyone you know!

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