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A De Evolving Educational System

To be clear, those born of noble and curious minds suffer the most in a de evolutionary system. While those lesser endowed, find their way to vocation, the higher mind knows that there has got to be more. And religion is offering so little.

Within a capitalist system, there is a hurry-up. For it matters not that Aristotle was eons ahead of Darwin and it matters not that The Odyssey, by Homer, is a great study in Human Nature and sociology. Why take the time to investigate that which will produce an opinion. That which produces thinking. Let's face it, thinking takes time.

The "White Culture", which the programmed Glenn Beck could not define to Katie Couric, is indeed dying. Especially the culture of higher thought, sans the derogatory, please. This is a rational discourse, not a racist joust.

In true linear perspective, would it not make sense that the post secondary would suffer if the lower system suffered? I think so.

There is an emotional aspect to learning. From pre-school to the collegiate realm. Clearly, a young man of, say 20, who sits listening to a professor in a university classroom, does not need coddling, nor does he want it. He wants information, as well as routes to that information. To pass tests. Should he not pass tests, there are repercussions. Therefore, his education has an emotional element to it.

Very intelligent people see through the facade of feign. They want more than the basic facts. It is no doubt a challenge for some professors to individualize education when they are faced with a dozen or more people, roughly 75% of whom will be basic thinkers.

In the simplist of terms, it is much easier to read The Grapes Of Wrath and empathize (or not) with humanity, than it is to actually learn of and analyze its author and how he approached his subject. In fact, how he chose to introduce his subject. Or, for that matter, analyze the subject from an evolutionary point of view. As well, such analyzation and debate might hurt someone's feelings.

Discernment has become a hushed issue. To speak of it could cause one to be labeled "racist", "snobbish", "hateful".

Thought is safer in packs. Individual thinkers rock the boat. This is nothing new. What is relatively new, at the collegiate level, is silence. If one fears for their job and livelihood, is it such a big deal that he cannot say what a stagnating, primordial pond Africa remains?

Thinking in packs requires an adherance to a no-contest philosophy. It's a very simple philosophy. We don't criticize Blacks, Hispanics, Jews or Muslims. We don't question the propaganda of thinking in packs. We just run with the herd. Even when it goes against the grain of who we are and how we naturally think. Even if we know it to be falacious.

For some of us, the answer lies in self educating. There's a certain freedom to autonomously seeking answers and drawing opinions there from.

Enlightenment comes from the profound education. The kind requiring essays. The kind inquiring deductions. The kind not found in tests of facts. For what good is the storehouse of a memory, if foundation is not there?

Even the IQ test looks like quakery to me.

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