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Weather Cycles and changes

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"Weather Cycles and changes"
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Weather cycles are changing rapidly. We are unable to keep up with the weather as the transition goes on. We have no clue what the seasons are anymore. Spring is mixed with winter summer is mixed with fall. One day is hot next day is cold. The months are not clear on what is going on and the places once were warm, now mix with such unsettled weather until, they have no clue what is coming their way next day. The sky is blue one minute and next minute it is Grey or an over cast.Weather has been in the mystery stage for quite sometime. The origin of our weather was set up in four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Which do we pick for an enjoyable season? We have no clue. We accept or learn to accept whatever is before us. The moment we wake up to a new day and listen or watch the weather reports, we get a somewhat truth on how the weather will be or projected. Lot's of time our bodies become our weather reports. Ask our elder people and they will tell you some time point blank what the weather will be like from day to day. The weather is really changing from being foundational solid to being unstable and unpredictable. The summer is getting to the point of being hotter than ever we could imagine. Being raised on farms when we had to work from sun up to sun down. We did not know the heat was so tremendous or burning hot, because the wind blew with such cool breeze and the trees were producing the oxygen needed to keep our lungs free from being congestion or hard to breath. the trees of the environment has been turned into dollars bills and no one is satisfied unless we have no pure oxygen to breath from and give shade from the sun.The weather is changing so drastic until we are in awe sometime, how the weather goes from one extremes to another. The older we get the more the climate change and the weather also. The different cities and states are in an uproar because of the humidity during the heat wave and other time just a depressing heat beyond our control. The water supply is limited and many places has no comfort of water. They are stressing out over just having cool drink of water to drink or wash their clothes. There are foreign countries who would just love to have water period. The people in America is blessed just to be able to drink water or live in a house with firm covering. The weather is sometime a nuisance, but many time we have pleasant weather. The scary would be the expecting tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, or any thing disturbing the Earth and cause it to be unstable daily. What would be our plan of action to protect ourselves? We don't know when we will be hit with an unexpected storms or weather change. what would be our plan of action in protecting ourselves? Not a clue because we never know when the upset of the weather changing is coming. The cycles are not projected or expected, but the making of them are in process some place on the Earth. When we destroy the trees and elevation of certain lands, mountains, and plains. We upset a foundation and sink holes are beginning to come forth and the Earth is moving rapidly and there is no stopping the process. What a change of what use to be and what we have presently. No one can actually predict what the weather will be or change with the cycles approaching us daily. The beginning of 2008 has many storms and tornadoes. The latter of 2007 was a strange weather comes forth, but we endured the changes and cycles we had gone through and still standing. The cycles are still going to re-grouping and surprising us to a point we can't be comfortable where we are, but keep our ears and eyes open to what may be coming and get prepared for the outcome. Whether we want to accept the cycles before us concerning the weather changes. We must wake up from our sleep and deal with reality and face truth concerning the unstableness of our weather. It has thrown many obstacles in our path, but we keep moving forward. Trying to keep our head up and not get to over whelm in what should be the next interruptions of our weather change. We do not know and only can keep watch nd mot get to relax on what is now, but keep alert to what is ahead. The moment we stop keeping watch, that very moment the unexpected comes and catch us unprepared. The enjoyment is presently, but on the out look for the unexpected of our weather changes and cycles.

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