Ways to Stop Worrying so much

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"Ways to Stop Worrying so much"
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When ever you find yourself worrying it is always a good idea to find out the cause of your worrying.

Once you find out the source you want to take actions to alleviate the worrying by trying your best to wipe out the source.

Maybe you are worried about losing your job. The first thing you do is go in and talk to your boss. Explain to them that you understand your performance has not been up to par but you really like this job and you want to keep your job. Next thing you do is tell your boss you would like for you and he to develop an action plan that is going to lead to your success. (If your boss has not already done it).

You want to have as much input into this process as possible because this gives you more of a sense of control over the situation. The extent that you feel you are in control of any situation will lessen the need or feeling to worry.

Now you want to keep a copy of your action plan so that you can actually start implementing it. Put those things into action.

Here is another scenario. Suppose you are worried about too much debt. You must actively face the problem by writing down all of your debts on paper, including the balances and monthly payments and then compare it to your outgoing income. If you find the income is too short to meet the income then you may want to find ways to supplement your income. Another thing to do is list all the debts from the smallest balance to the largest balance and concentrate on paying off the small balances first. Doing this gives you a sense of accomplishment which makes you feel like you are moving forward and making progress.

What if you are worried about a divorce? First thing you do is ask yourself why am I getting a divorce? And more importantly do I want this marriage to continue or end. Then you attack the problem. If you want to continue then you must sit down with your wife or husband and list out the things that are causing the divorce. Each party should look for ways to attack each problem listed which calls for give and take. Certainly this is easier said that done because sometimes things can be
much more complicated. However this is at least a starting point.

The things that are stressed is assessing the thing that causes you to worry then ask yourself some good quality questions and then take action towards the desired outcome. Action, movement and accomplishment always serves to eradicate worrying.

This is far better than sitting there and doing nothing. This causes worry to grow and tends to escalate a problem.

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