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Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

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"Ways to Beat Cabin Fever"
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You waited and waited for the first snow of the season. However, when it came it refused to stop. Now you are snowed in. You can’t get out to play in the snow. The kids are driving you insane with their whining and you may pull your hair out at any moment.  Take a deep breath and calm down first then take time to enjoy some of the fun things in life. This is a perfect time to get in some quality time with your children.

       1. Cook

One of the best things to do in the winter and especially in a snowstorm is to cook or bake. Put on a big pot of chicken soup and then get your kids into the kitchen with you. Pull out the cookie sheets and make homemade chocolate chip or sugar cookies. This is a great way to spend an enjoyable couple of hours and will prepare you for the next fun thing on your list.

        2. Movies

Drag out those old boxes of movies and get your kids to help you go through them all. You are sure to find a few old family favorites. Make some popcorn and hot cocoa, grab your plate of cookies, and curl up under blankets on the couch and watch them as the snow swirls around your house and you are warm and cozy on the inside.

        3.  Books

Go through the bookshelf and pick a few books out. Nothing beats curling up in a chair and reading the day away. Getting lost in another world may even make you forget the winter wonderland outside. If you still want this to be a family day, pick an old favorite, and take turns reading aloud

        4. Games

Board games are another great way to stave off the boredom. Monopoly, Life or any number of games can last for hours and not only help with the kids but give you another opportunity to bond with your family.

         5. Bubble bath

The kids are finally exhausted and in bed and you are relaxed but still a little on edge. The feeling of being cooped up is still getting to you. Run a warm bath, throw in some bubbles, light some candles, and play some soothing music. Let yourself sink into the water and soak your cares away.

No matter what you decide to do to ward off your cabin fever just remember that this is the perfect time to bond with your family and build some fun memories that you will cherish forever. 

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