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"Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax - Real"
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Any one who would to take the time to read a good report on Apollo missions then research the answers with an open mind, then there would be no way they could not believe that we had actually walked on the moon. The whole world had eyes watching. By eyes I mean radar, huge telescopes, and many smaller backyard scopes. As far as the stars are concerned the bright lights around the lunar Lander out shinned the stars.

If any body watched Apollo 13 they would be even more prone to believe it. Those guys they absolutely the best, frankly I don't think I know of a word strong enough to describe them. The hero part is that they did not give up. Every thing the nay Sayers can be scientifically proved wrong. The History channel did a special on it in that they brought up the fact about the flag. The skeptics claimed that on the moon there was no wind therefore the flag would have just hung there. In truth, they were right it should just hung there, but NASA had thought of that, so they had a rod running 90 degrees straight out from the upright pole. That leads to another debate, the flag had a furl in it. That was staged and they admitted it.

I was watching something on the channel that reports on NASA and the radiation problem came up, it seems the suits they wear cost around a million dollars each, and they are very bulky. For an astronaut to do a space walk and do a repair job can be quit a task. The main reason or should I say the point they were striving at was a better skin for the craft. On the international space station as long as they are inside they are protected so they most have done something right, if my memory serves me correctly, I just read about two pages of a man who spent a lot money to prove nothing, the skeptics claim that the united states put a satellite in orbit six or seven trips around the earth how could we have possibly have placed satellite to orbit the earth and no one notice it.

There must be well, I haven't the slightest idea of just how many observatories there, but I do know one at least would have noticed it. In 1969 there wasn't 3,000 or so up there. 3 or4 would be more like it.

Our president told the world that we would have a man on the moon and, and that we did and never lost a single man, but since then we have had three bad accidents and lost i think 17. that is sad. but from each life something was learned, and made it safer for the next flight.

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