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"Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax - Hoax"
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Before the time the first man supposedly made a landing on the moon on July 20th, 1969, every child has dreamed the fantasies of exploring every dimension of the universe beyond their limitations and walking ever so lightly on a fascinating place called the Moon. We humans have a great desire and a very compelling urge to explore and discover. Our curiosity has taken us to great distances but in many cases our penchant for greed can make a lovely tangled web of a conspiracy.

Pictures reveal to us that this dream has remained a dream for the first landing has been speculated and claimed to be a worldwide hoax from our nation to win the Cold War Race, or to gain a higher sense of power in the world. According to the evidence found it most certainly destructs the credibility of the Elite Government.

There is a radiation belt around the Earth called the 'Van Allen Belt' 300 or more rads(unit of Absorbed Radiation Dose; obsolete unit replaced with SI: 100 rads=1 SI.). If any space faring vessel attempted to pass through this, the integral structure of the vessel would either melt or the whole outfit would explode. This would apply since the technology was not very advanced at that time.

When or if the vessel had somehow passed through the Van Allen Belt, there are millions of micro-meteors that travel at a speed of 6000 miles an hour which would not think twice about tearing the vessel to pieces.

If a spaceship did indeed land on the surface of the moon, the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) would have given a thrust of at least 3000 pounds, creating a fairly large crater beneath the Lunar Model. Photos show no crater and the lunar surface is untouched.

Photos also show that there are no more than three stars present in the background of that infamous scene of the man who made the voyage, standing on the moon with his American flag. Even the proverbial monkey knows that there are more than three stars in the universe.

The moon's atmosphere is claimed to not have an atmosphere nor gravity. If this is the case, then that flag should not be waving around. There is also another photo of the astronaut's boot print on the moon's surface. Since there was no gravity nor atmosphere to keep the terrain forming the print in place no one should have been able to take a photo of it.

Even photographers notice that there are aspects of the photo that are slightly off such as the shadow of the astronaut which is claimed to be facing in the wrong direction.

In essence, it is not a large wonder that people would rethink the moon landing and consider it being a hoax in that era where technology was not at its height. Today we have vessels heading and making successful landings on Mars, including the moon. It is questionable as to weather or not this first moon landing of 1969 really happened but in this generation technology is making giants leaps to make this even more possible. It is more credible and conceivable of this happening in this era.

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