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As an American, I would like to believe that we walked on the moon; after all, it's part of our culture. But, having researched this for several years, I can't believe it.

At the time, we were struggling with Russia. Both nations wanted to be the superpower in the world. And the belief was that whoever won the space race would win the Cold War. It was a grossly expensive and dangerous game of two nations trying to outdo each other.

When the Russians sent Sputnik into space, Americans were terrified. The American government needed some way to answer it, and to outdo it.

But look at the videos of the astronauts on the moon. There are several that look like different shoots with the same background. Though NASA claims that the shoots take place miles from each other, you can superimpose them and see that the backgrounds are identical.

Another piece of evidence for a hoax is the lighting in the photographs. In many places, shadows go in different directions, and objects that should be in shadow (backlit by the sun) are practically spotlighted.

Now, on the moon, there is only one source of light: the sun. Shadows going in different directions indicate more than one light source. And if the astronaut or lunar landing module is backlit by the sun, how are they lighted from the front?

It's strange, even eerie in ways, how similar the landscape in this footage is to the Nevada desert. And there we have the base known as Area 51. Signs around it say in plain English that unauthorized visitors can be shot and killed without question. While some speak of aliens and downed alien craft, Area 51 could be the top-secret film location for the Apollo footage.

In one piece of footage, the American flag is waving. NASA claims it's just the motion of the astronaut planting it on the moon. But it's clearly the cause of wind, or a breeze. And there is no atmosphere on the moon; thus, no air, and no breeze.

Look closely at the crosshairs in the stills. Used for reference, crosshairs always appear on top of the image.

Yet, in many stills of the Apollo mission, the crosshairs are behind astronauts, the lunar module, and the American flag. One still shows the crosshair sticking out from behind a rock.

That, if nothing else, points to photo manipulation after the fact.

There were several people at the time, including at least one astronaut, who spoke out against the Apollo program. Each of these people died from "freak accidents," or by mysterious means.

All I've ever heard from NASA regarding this is the runaround. They refute any claims that it was a hoax and so on, but they never explain HOW we are supposedly wrong.

Some say that the immense number of people that worked on this could not keep it a secret. But NASA is greatly departmentalized. There are people working in areas all over the US for NASA projects. Ninety percent of them likely know their immediate job, such as making bolts or something, and no more.

Then there is the radiation belt. Every manned mission after Apollo remained below the belt.

Apparently, the only protection they had aboard the shuttle was the thin aluminum of its walls; their spacesuits were made up of fibers and silicon rubber.

Magnetic storms roar through space, caused from solar flares. They can disrupt the most delicate technology down here on Earth. Radiation on-planet can cause anything from hair or skin loss to cancer or death. The radiation in space is hundreds if not thousands of times more potent.

For a dental X-ray, we require a lead shield to protect us from the radiation. Yet the Apollo astronauts apparently passed through the radiation belt and walked on the moon without even the threat of sickness.

As for the liftoff, it was real, no doubt. The leading theory is that the astronauts simply orbited Earth for eight days and then returned, and all the while, NASA gave us fake images.

In the end, though, it isn't a question about walking on the moon. The question is:

Would the American government, given the means, go such lengths as to deceive the entire world in order to beat Russia?

One should remember that, in order to deceive the world, they would have to deceive the American public. If the public had known the secret, it would have somehow leaked it.

And if we were so successful with the Apollo missions, why haven't we returned to the moon in the thirty odd years since?

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