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I was reading articles regarding the "supposed" Apollo moon mission and landing and recalling my memories as a young boy of the "televised" space travel and I had to laugh. 83% of the people writing articles believe that a man walked on the moon. I'm wondering if these people also believe that the moon is made of swiss cheese?

For a week I read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and depicted on the front page was a drawing that was supposed to be the space ship and how far it had traveled that day and how close it was getting to the moon. Oh, Boy! I can't wait till they land on the moon and I hope they have plenty of room in that rocket because I just love cheese!

The gullibility of the American public staggers me. I would bet if you asked 100,000 Russians if they think that America landed a ship on the moon 99.99% of them would say, No. I would love to think that we have the technology to master such a feat but it is 2009 and we barely have the ability to get a space shuttle into space and back let alone get a manned rocket to the moon in the 1960's. This is why we are suffering through the worst recession since the Great Depression because we "trust" our government.

George W. started a war which propelled the price of oil to $147.00 a barell and we as Americans "trusted" him to find his weapons of mass destruction because the economy was good. Banks were lending people 125% of what thier already over-inflated homes worth and we were "rich". Well we went to the moon in our belief that oil was worth $147.00 while a Texan was in office and only $40.00 now! I'm supposed to belive what my wonderful government tell me because they are in the habit of being truthful? I keep looking over my shoulder as I write this thinking maybe Homeland Security is going to storm my house and I'll disappear. Maybe my new home can be on the moon. Popeye knocked Bluto to the moon in one of those cartoons so at least I'll have some company. Now I've firgured out what the misson was about. They sent that ship to bring Bluto back, boy I feel stupid.

If you are that gullible to believe that a man traveled through the Van Allen radiation belt and whatever other belts that we will find in the future as we progress toward "real" manned space travel then read Benjamin what's his names #1 article about how "real" the moon landing was and give me my damn cheese that we paid so dearly for with the money we spent to "watch" the Apollo mission. Till then I'll believe what a "saw", a faked mission propelled by government propaganda to make Americans think we were superior to Russians during a time when the threat of nuclear war was great. It was a helpful crutch at the time.

I was 13 years old and didn't believe what they were trying to feed me with the crap they put on our television sets. They were experimenting with subliminal messaging during the 1960's too. Why do I suddenly feel like going out for fried chicken. WAKE UP BEN! The moon isn't cheese.

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