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Visualizing Infinity

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Infinity is a concept that is so precise, yet so vague at the same time - all forms of science interpret infinity as a different entity (if an entity at all).

In physics, one version of string theory postulates that the 'true' definition of infinity is a 10-dimensional point. Why 10 dimensions? It is argued that all of the universe can be explained by manipulating lower dimensions in what are called lines, splits and folds. A brief idea of each dimension follows:

Dimension 0: A Point. Basically any position in a defined system, this one is easy to understand.

Dimension 1: A Line. When you have two points, a line is a defined path within the system to allow you to travel from the first point to the second. This line has a defined length which we can measure.

Dimension 2: A Split. When two lines cross, you have a split. At this intersection, someone traveling on one line has a variety of paths to choose.

Dimension 3: A Fold. This one is easy for us to visualize because we live in a 3-D world. Objects in 3-D have height, width and depth. Imagine taking a 2-D piece of paper, and 'folding' it into a 3-D circle, you now have the ability to cross from one edge of the paper to the other instantly, which was physically impossible before this fold.

Dimension 4: A Line. Commonly knows as 'time' we can perceive our life in the 3-D world as a line in 4 dimensions. If you think about how you were when you were 5, vs how you are now, you could draw a line from that point in time to the current point.

Dimension 5: A Split. We make choices every day. Maybe your life would be different if decided to walk to work, rather than take the bus. Our choices allow us to differentiate our lives from one 'timeline' to another in the form of splits.

Dimension 6: A Fold. As mentioned before with the newspaper, folds allow us to move instantly from one section to another in the dimension below. Think of the 6th dimension as a time machine on a larger scale. Rather than just visiting yourself back or forwards in time - you're able to travel to ANY form of you in the 5th dimension - IE you as an athlete, a billionaire, or an average joe.

Dimension 7: A Line. For this, we must imagine the 6th dimension as a single point. Thus, assume all of the possibilities and decisions of everyone and everything in the universe to be a single point [This is the most commonly known version of infinity people are accustomed to]

Dimension 8: A Split. Here's where it gets tricky. Infinity is supposed to be everything right? However, depending on initial conditions (ie. the conditions for the Big Bang) we might have different universes, and therefore different infinities! Thus as soon as we have two distinct infinities that at some point in time create identical universes - we have a split.

Dimension 9: A Fold. Folding the 8th dimension creates the 9th dimension - the ability to travel between any of the infinite universes at any point in time.

Dimension 10: A Point(?) - Imagine all the possible branches, of all the possibles timelines of all the possible universes and treat them as a single point. At this stage there's no where else to go - we've covered every possible scenario that could ever exist, and we're done.

If you're looking for a more detailed explanation visit (that is the primary source for all of this information)

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