Violent Behavior Born or Raised

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"Violent Behavior Born or Raised"
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Human Nature
Different levels of violence are inherent in each and every one of us, regardless of culture, generation or nationality. Violence is part of human nature and it is sometimes released early on in life rather than later. There are many levels of violence from verbal to physical that children may exert that no television show, horror movie, Xbox game and back yard snowball fight can be blamed for.

Parents and Family Environment
We do not need a quack to figure this out. Whether right or wrong, the parents and family environment are two important elements that may influence violent behavior in children. This "monkey see monkey do" factor is really important for parents nurture in order to deflect a traumatized and violent child. Children are not socially conditioned at an early age and need attention from the parents not a nanny! As they get older, cut the cord and the incubation.

Self-Absorbing Pride and Toxic Patriotism
Instilled at an early age, the need to be the best in someone else's eyes and the "my dog is bigger or better than your dog" mentality have always been a brainwashing tactic that sometimes leads to violence in our children. These malignant tumors of life can seldom be detected by children, but unfortunately form in their heads by simple observation into teen years. It is the bully at the schoolyard, the competitive playing field and the history of many colonizing nations that children read about in their schoolbooks.

Organized Religion
Let me explain first hand that as a child, I was yelled at in detail about the violent crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I was taught of all the Holy wars fought in the name of Gods. I was scared into the suffering and torture of an unforgiving hell detailed in Dante's Inferno. I questioned whether martyrdom is really about religious sacrifice or suicide? I read later on in life about the Spanish inquisition on my own, of course. My point is that the inner-messages of all religions may promote love and peace, but the foundations of organized religion are structured on violence and guilt, which have the potential of creating disturbed children. If a child sees a "Don't touch, wet paint" sign, most likely they are going to touch! From a Catholic perspective, I always questioned reconciliation. This is an invitation to do something bad knowing you can always be forgiven. How awful is that?

Prescription Pills
Prescription Pills are the world's solution to everything. Keep big businesses wealthy, while our youth sink lower and lower into depression only to sprawl bullets into a crowd of people. These anti-depressants are not just for grown-ups and teenagers anymore. More and more children are taking the quick fix to account for all the problems they face on a day-to-day basis. Doesn't chicken soup fix anything anymore?

Media and Hollywood
If it bleeds, it leads! I think this goes back to toxic patriotism and fear, because all I remember growing up was Cowboy and Indian shows and Rambo-esque and Total Recall-ish movies. I would have loved to watch sexy French and Italian films about something that is part of life and growing up during puberty, but Christian America said no! We will all be perverts and rapists! You have the right to watch violence and even, if you are not old enough to go to the theater, we will put the movie on television within six months.

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