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Views on the Theories of Evolution

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"Views on the Theories of Evolution"
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The definition of evolution is: a process of change in a particular direction. The definition of theory is: an acceptable principal to explain observed facts. The Theory of Evolution is not a theory among many other theories. It is not a way of doing something among many other ways and then deciding which way is best or correct. The theory of evolution is not a theory waiting for someone to find another theory to disprove it. Evolution is literally the only way to make (not only life) but anything. Think of everything humans have and every one of them was created by using evolution. From a 'lock and key' to a 'refrigerator'.. from 'waxed paper' to an 'automobile'.. they were all made by the idea of evolution. They didn't just pop into existence the way they are. Someone makes something and then through trial and use betters it. Then someone else uses it and through their trial and use they make changes for the better. Another realizes they can use it for something that no one has thought of and they improve on it for their particular use.. then someone uses an idea from it to create something entirely new and then adds an improvement to that.. and on and on it goes. An automobile (or anything else) doesn't just appear without the evolutionary idea behind it. An automobiles existence is due to thousands and thousands of tweaks and adjustments to many different things over a long period of time before it all comes together in the proper design.

The grand designer of all (The Universe) uses evolution to build itself. What other way is there to make anything? I challenge anyone reading this to think of another way.

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