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Views on the Theories of Evolution

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"Views on the Theories of Evolution"
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The Human Template Theory:

Haven't I seen you before in another city, another company, another time? Is evolution playing tricks on our eyes? I think that humans are being manufactured off an evolutionary production line (hints of a hidden designer after all?) where carbon copies of humans are literally churned out every so often? Do you swear you have seen the spitting image of someone or have you even met your own twin'? I believe these are all instances of a human template sub-programme within evolution.

There are over 6 billion of us on this world, but even with evolution cooking up new mutations, the recipe for humans is the same, so naturally there are only so many variations that humans can take. A person's looks, traits, dress sense and outlook on life can be virtually duplicated. It is like nature's way of cloning. No matter what your cultural background, parents' looks, your own genes and personalised life, there is someone out there, a slightly distorted mirror image of you, living their own life.

While working and living in London over the years, I have come across this phenomenon frequently, usually in females, probably because out of the millions of combinations in their clothing styles, even girls that look alike should differ just through natural selection of clothing, but they do not. There are certain body types, facial features, hair style and colouring, dress sense, personality types, even down to wearing the same type of glasses that would enable these people to be interchangeable. Why do certain templates of people dress the same and act the same? Is it hardwired, driven by media/advertising or are they destined' to be like each other, a part of a whole?

I have never counted how many different templates there are, but they certainly exist beyond national boundaries. How many times have you said If that person was black/white/Chinese, etc, he/she would look exactly like'. Are there some cultures with more templates than others? Would you consider it an advantage or disadvantage? Even some celebrities/actors are touted as looking like another bygone star. There are look-a-likes for hire and political stand-ins/decoys are also known. I have never come across any of my twins' before nor heard from anyone who had seen me' somewhere else either. How many could there be? Is there a twin or near likeness for everyone? How individual are we really?

Do human templates have an ultimate purpose? When and where were the first master template' humans born? Are human templates an epigenetic characteristic that trickles down through generations? Maybe the reason why human templates exist is because since templates are not related to each other, they may have been created' to foster familiarity and friendship with different cultures by showing that the unknown outsider is not so different after all. I think that this is a firm sign of the family of man, which shows evolution, human dispersion and eventual convergence at work. I have not seen any human template investigations before, but it would be interesting to note, how many more people have noticed this phenomenon and how wide spread it is. See you later.

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