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Views on the Theories of Evolution

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"Views on the Theories of Evolution"
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I'm not going to go into all the scientific terms, etc. in this article. It amazes me how people will not believe in God because he cannot be 'proved' (or 'disproved'), but they will believe in evolution which also cannot be proved! In most of the arguments I see, they talk about a change from species to species, but, NEVER, have they seen that species change to a different kind. A fruit fly can go through all kinds of changes, but in the end, it's still a fruit fly. There is no evidence to prove otherwise.

OK, if you want to believe in evolution, do so, but don't go acting like you're somehow of a superior intelligence because you believe scientific fact. Excuse me, show me a fact. There are none. Even Darwin renounced his theory in the end. I think it takes way more faith to believe in 'evolution' (macro that is) than to believe in a God! I believe in God because I know Him intimately. I believe he created the earth, ... because He said He did.

I would also like to refute the stuff about life coming from non-life. There was life before us. God is alive, angels are alive, .... If God wanted to use non-life to create something, he certainly could, however. He did create Adam out of the dust of the ground, but it was only when he breathed life (a spirit and soul) into him that he became alive. Maybe that's hard for you to believe, but it's just as viable an explanation as evolution, if not better.

Every time evolutionists 'find' mutations in genes it is not for the betterment of the species, so how could you believe we 'mutated' from other species? I don't get it, and I won't solve the dilemma here. I do however want to challenge Atheists to be honest in admitting they can no more prove evolution than I can prove God. The difference is that I have no need to 'prove' God, but evolutionists and atheists seem to need to prove what they believe. Hmmmmmm.

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