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An Informative Article On Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty surgery is a type of plastic surgery that many women out there are starting to turn to. When one has this cosmetic surgery done, they will be paying attention to the genital area. The plastic surgery can be done to the outer and inner part of the female genitalia folds. It will be reshaping and trimming the size of the inner lips down. This can also be the one to the outside of the vaginal area. Are you interested in going through this type of cosmetic surgery? If so, then continue reading as we have a very informative article written for you...

Who exactly is the candidate for this type of surgery? There are many women out there that are born with irregular, asymmetrical or too large Labia Minora. While others get elongation and stretching due to aging or having children. This will not only present an aesthetic predicament, but it will also produce a functional hindrance.

Women that have an irregular or large labia find circumstances where they feel embarrassed when they have sexual encounters with the one they love.

They also have times where they are not comfortable with wearing jogging shorts, tight clothes or bathing suits out in public. You also have those women that go through irritation or pain when they are having sex. They may also feel as if they are not able to reach the ultimate sexual pleasure simply because of the bulky Labia Minora.

Meanwhile, there are women out there that form large outer lips (Labia Majora) simply because they have gained weight. When they wear tight pants, bathing suits or shorts, this becomes noticeable. This is also known for trapping moisture, which causes skin irritation. It can also cause a rash and promotes yeast infections.

When it comes to having natural childbirth, will Labiaplasty interfere with it? To be honest with you, this form of surgery is not going to have an effect on natural childbirth. In fact, it is known for making it easier. There are many types of surgeries that can be done in order to reduce the Labia Majorca. One of those involve Brazilian Labiaplasty, which does not leave any external scars. It also preserves the genital sensation and gives that natural look.

However, there are procedures needed to be followed if considered to undertake a labiaplasty surgery.

1. It is important to stop smoking one week prior to the time of surgery.

2. Do not take alcohol before the surgery starts. This should also be stopped atleast a week to the time of the surgery.

3. If you make inquiries to your plastic surgeon, you might be advised to quit taking certain medications like Aspirin, blood thinners etc. This is because they can bring about an increase in bleeding during the surgery. Other medications that could also increase bleeding are Omega-3 fatty acids, gingko biloba, green tea or vitamin E.

4. It is of best interest to abstain from sexual intercourse the night before the surgery.

5. Ensure you make your surgeon aware of everything that you take. Never stop taking anything without the consent of your doctor.

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