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Just released, since 2002 conducted, NASA satellite measurements indicate the substantial upper atmosphere cooling being directly linked to an “unusual Sun period”.

Natural processes occur along the most energetically rational lines that is why a-tax-collecting-friendly-human-made-climate-change-theory assertions should further be substantiated prior to finally left for good on library bookshelves.

Also algae and moss are seen as major vital contributors to oxygen-filled modern atmosphere, pre-historic plants and dinosaurs well exist keeping air-consuming parts metres above a soil level: a none-oxygen (or poor oxygen-consisting) gas mixture enhanced a planet at imminent surface whilst oxygen-enriched layers had been well above.

Thus, algae and moss assumed a life-sustaining oxygen-suppliers’ vital role in much later epochs of history natural.

Volcanos have been usually highlighted as factors altering the Earth substantially. However, volcanos are just pure exhausts of internal gases and patterns released from a planetary abyss, visual deformations of strata ripped off with forces internal accomplishing the reactions interplanetary.

So, what is the Earth?

 It is merely a drop of plasma surrounded with an inactive mass of a “dead”, worked-out post-plasma material and by-products resulted from object’s various interactions with the outer space that one influences plasmic core alike the Sun and the Moon affect all liquids on a planetary surface.

A steady outer electro-magnetic impact on an inner content results in the space object’s features.

Quantities of inner active plasma predetermine types of space objects whether it’s a star, planet, comet orbiting particular space sector, meteor/asteroid – rocks (“falling stars”) lacking of inner active patterns and simply navigated with bigger objects’ gravitation forces. The Earth’s motion – round the Sun and spinning itself – materialises season changes and a day-night exchange.

Factually, a space object dynamic plasmic core is a macro-space type of an inertial mechanism preventing drastic orbital changes for instance.

The Active Sun Year occurs periodically, and the approaching one is to be in 2011/2012. A nature of this phenomenon is unexplained by academia up to date.

Perhaps, at some passage of eternity our solar system becomes maximally exposed to some source radiating enormously (black hole, constellations located particularly at some physical moment in a manner summarising their sole individual ray-emitting), affecting inner nuclear processes substantially – that is a possible reason an increased Sun activity recorded periodically during all history natural. Eventually, while in particularly positioned Milky Way the Active Sun Year happened, the outer energy influx changes the Earth environment dramatically – a magnetic poles change occurs.

As the quantity of the nuke (plasmic) core had gradually been decreasing, a volume of strata grows up. Therefore, a shape of the Earth is tending to spheric-shaped form of which the plate inter-crossings are being softened visually with world ocean and rock/soil debris moved with the air significantly.

Inertial movements of water oceanic and air mass secure both life biological and any mechanical geo-characteristic of orbit stability itself.

A continuing drift of plates not only separates fragments of soil (continents), but also ushers inevitably a planet to a mono-continental configuration, of which a gigantic sole island would be surrounded with an endless ocean.

Factually, unstoppable continental drift is a visualized outcome of plasmatic activity-core reactions of which energy released moves planetary strata dramatically. 

This energy has been exhausted in different forms: located on both sun-affected surface and the ocean beds, volcanos-cracks in strata are the most visual mechanical activity.

Elements released into world ocean preserve processes pre-historic correlated evolutionarily with contemporary chemical content and physics conditions of a world ocean.

Therefore, existence of pre-historic no-oxygen-depending species is a virtual reality of abyssal places not affected with contemporary air content and sun radiation directly.

Nuclear reactions produce both particles and rays.

As so, as volcanos are visible exhausts of patterns natural, so-called atmospheric “ozone holes” indicate areas with powerful nuclear activity occurring beneath strata yet intact mechanically.

As natural physics-chemical conditions differed from existing at the very beginning of the Earth, atmosphere shifted to predominantly source oxygen produced by deploying the photosynthesis.

It is certain, that the 101st kilometre above the Earth is already assumed for scientific and technical consideration being open space, where the outer endlessness of the Universe begins.                       

Again, it is certain (at least, as a modern science asserts), the Universe begins there because there is no trace of air/air pressure at this point, or, scientifically-literally speaking, these parameters are equal to “zero”.

And once again, it is certain an atmospheric pressure is a fact. The higher from surface-the lesser air concentration-the lighter atmospheric pressure.

So, how is atmosphere being kept between surface and vacuum of the Universe?

It is possible because of electro-magnetic force planetary gravitation is and an “atmospheric pressure” is nothing more than a force of gravity measured on the Earth’s surface in an opposite direction.

Therefore, inner nuclear process is alpha and omega of planetary atmosphere, well dictating atmospheric chemical content through physics’ developments both elements and chemical complexes effected with.

A fact either, there was upon millenniums raining on the Earth acquiring a precent soil-air composition. Therefore, of inner processes gas and elements impacted with strong electro-magnetic influence of planetary and outer processes nuclear, had been transforming into patterns of different consistencies and qualities, also the same on an element level basically-and water is a mere planetary produce of mere planetary-produced both oxygen and hydrogen.

Planetary gravity is the force acting on any object located relatively close to the Earth, pulling the objects toward the Earth.

It is defined as the geometric sum of gravitational attraction to the earth and the centrifugal forces of inertia, which takes into account the effect of Earth's diurnal rotation around its axis. The equation for the force of gravity on surface is F = mg. It is proven fact, gravitational acceleration (g) in general depends on a planetary radius and distance from a planetary surface, varies upon planet longitudes and strata underlaying. 

Not mush explained of oblate surface a planet on the poles posses because a simply mechanical approach helps a little for.

Both simplifying the issue at a Newton Laws level and deploying A. Einstein’s limitation on speed (V300 000km per sec = C) to be sometimes practical for a problem generalisation, while reality of plasma processes existing is the most in this case: an inner core that is a post–Big-Bang-volume-of-plasma- is of a hourglass-shaped/”cell-dividing” configuration rather than similar to a water drop falling or a ball forms as assumed classically. Integrating the inner core’s movements altering each other mutually and substantially affecting a living organisms’ very existence, till a date absolutely ignored pulsating inclusively, sustains a closer proximity to a nature’s reality proceeding.

Understandably, the more active inner nuke masses are-the more radiation, the less concentration of complex organic constituents and higher speed and variety of atmospheric chemical oxygen-consuming reactions are present.

As a planetary active plasmic mass total is gradually diminishing (the Moon orbit round the young Earth was at least three times smaller than recently), outer factors’ impact will dramatically increase and neither oxygen nor water naturally produced but a simple destruction of atmospheric layers existing to intensify into stratosphere. 

Absorbing the outer emittance is a very function of a planetary formatting process inferior-a plasmic planetary as artificial satellites (and meteorites) have simply their speed/trajectories been changed the Pioneer Effect proves.

Interacting with outer periodically increasing influxes, local polar exhausts have their characteristics steadily altered electro-magnetically, chemically and physically with dare consequences for a planet, regardless a physical-chemical content of atmosphere-to-date in any passage of a history natural: elements located in upper atmosphere (younger produce) will increasingly bear “footprint” likeness to ones found possibly on the outer space objects, differ more and more from an older produce located into a planetary mantle, and those on a planetary surface will follow a suite in the future: infinity equals eternity the universe is part of.

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