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Science is powerful but it can't explain everything. There are mysteries which hover tantalizingly around the perimeter of our knowledge, challenging the most brilliant among us to find answers to these puzzling issues. When and if we finally find reliable explanations for these enigmas, it is certain that our human existence on this earth will never be the same.

1. The Sudarium of Oviedo. This is a 84 x 53 cm. cloth believed to have covered the head of Jesus after his death. It is currently venerated at the Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo, Spain. It was believed to have been brought there for safe-keeping when the Persians invaded Jerusalem in the seventh century. The bloodstains and marks of wounds match those on the shroud of Turin, and both are from an individual of the same blood type: AB. Tests are being attempted to try to match DNA, but they are difficult because of the age of the samples.

2.. UFOs. There is no doubt that Unidentified Flying Objects exist. Many creditable witnesses, including astronauts and airline pilots report having seen them. Perhaps some were meteors, or new types of aircraft being tested by our own or a foreign government, but many other cases of UFO sightings defy explanation and remain mysteries.

3. The Mind-Body Connection. Can the human body be influenced by the power of the mind? Scientists cannot explain why placebos are sometimes effective in alleviating symptoms of illness. When a patient believes he is receiving strong medication, it may be effective, even when he has only swallowed a sugar pill. There are also cases of spontaneous cures of terminal diseases which defy explanation.

4. Psychic Powers. Some people seem to be able to receive information by means other than through their five senses. This ability is known as extra-sensory perception(ESP). It is also known as intuition, a sixth sense, a gut feeling or a hunch. Since the phenomenon occurs spontaneously and can seldom be repeated under laboratory conditions, it remains a mystery.

5. Ghosts. Throughout history and in almost every culture, spirits of the dead have been reported to appear to the living. In some cases, the ghosts are recognized as departed friends or relatives, in others they are strangers. These spirits have appeared in photographs and some people even claim to have caught ghostly voices on tape. However, no proof of their existence has been accepted by the scientific community.

6. True Disappearances. Most people who disappear are eventually found. However there are others who suddenly and unexpectedly drop out of sight and are never seen or heard from again. In this category there are Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, Natalee Holloway,Madeleine McCann, and the entire crew of the ship "The Mary Celeste".

7. Near-death Experiences. Many people who have temporarily died and subsequently been revived tell of mystical experiences such as traveling through a tunnel, emerging into a bright light and meeting departed friends and family members. Often the experience frees them from fear of death and leaves them with a stronger religious faith.

8. The Taos Hum. In the small city of Taos, New Mexico, some visitors and about 2% of the residents have been puzzled by a faint, annoying, low-pitched hum. It seems intensified inside buildings. Similar phenomena have been reported in other parts of the world. Despite exhaustive investigation by university investigators and others, no plausible explanation has been found.
9. Deja vu. This is a French expression meaning "already seen". Have you ever entered a strange environment, and had the feeling that somehow, sometime, you'd been there before? Have you ever been talking with someone and known exactly what the other would say next, because you were sure you'd had this same conversation with the identical person before? These are common experiences. Those who believe in reincarnation attribute the experience to having a glimpse of a former life. However the true cause remains a mystery.

10. Bigfoot. The creature is also called a Sasquatch There have been sightings for decades of large, hairy, man-like creatures across North America. However, no traces of bodies, bones or teeth have ever been found. Scientists believe that sightings are the result of hoaxes, mistaken identification and imagination, but the sightings persist. Reports of similar ape-like creatures have appeared in regions near the Himalaya Mountains, in Nepal and Tibet. There, they are called yeti, or abominable snowmen.

Instead of devising new weapons of war, studying distant galaxies and planning space travel to other planets, our scientists have intriguing questions to investigate right here on earth. What if it could be proven that Jesus resurrected just as he had promised, thus validating his claim to divinity? What if every human were able to use mental energy to cure illness? What if we could communicate with extraterrestrials already here?

To date, most scientists have shunned these and other crucial issues. Perhaps soon, some of the more far-sighted will have the insight and courage to confront these topics head-on. Any group which succeeded in solving even a few of these mysteries would gain the respect and gratitude of humankind forever more.

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