Understanding the State of Consciousness

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"Understanding the State of Consciousness"
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Recently I read in a magazine that opium is about the best high. I have written on the Barbados Museum Message Board that opium was a nice high but I did not quite understand why it so appealing as compared to hash and grass. Opium was hard to get back in the seventies in New York and I guess I lacked the experience to know. The magazine help explained why opium was so attractive. The writer who also had a good opinion of opium said it was a smooth ride to a high as oppose to other drugs.

Recently on talk radio I was listening to a man and a woman discussing drugs and consciousness. I do not remember too much because I was driving but I remember they associated using drugs to open consciousness.

Most recent in a leading paper an article was done about alcohol being an ancient medicine. I have used alcohol in the past to depress a vision. Vision as described by Webster's Collegiate, 1:something seen in a dream, trance or ecstasy. This was the second mind altering experience I had and I got there by coming across information in Professor Ivan van Sertima's book, "Blacks in Science Ancient and Modern."

The first vision I got there by a combination of factors but in both cases there was a lot of social pressure. In the first case, I was new To New York and the work and social environments hit me with a "steel donkey in the temple".

The second case, I had just graduated from college and I was looking to answers for my being and origins about a theory of the universe I had created under the pressures. The second occasion came after I looked at the term, "Star of a Woman,"part of the cosmological structure of the Dogon people. I walked, out of the Jamaica Public Library with my head blown off. The head was doing a number. I went home and hopped on the bicycle and got a bottle of rum. Then I started to see the space lights and craft. I returned to Barbados and thought I was quite mad after I began to see these space lights of another world and so I ran an experiment widely open to the public to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The experiment proved there is another consciousness besides human. Last time I used anything was few cigarettes the last day of 2005 and the last time my mind altered in a state that I considered a vision was in 1995 or 1996. My mind altered by "jumping down" from New York to Barbados through a fax machine. I "jumped down" after reading an article by the late Professor Dr. Stanley Reid of Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.

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