Understanding the State of Consciousness

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"Understanding the State of Consciousness"
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When I awake each morning, I awake to a physical reality which I know. And I know it, because I have been here before. That is how I know it. The objects of matter which take up space in my apartment are familiar to me, because I chose them in a state of consciousness. I know where to find my coffee maker and coffee. I know where to find the water to make the coffee. This is all familiar to me.

My body is comprised of 70% water. One part hydrogen. Two parts oxygen. I did not come into this life knowing that specific information. I came in needing water. I came in breathing, without having to make myself. It is just something I naturally did. I don't have to remember to breath. I don't have to remember to digest food or process urine. My body has a functioning system, distinctly removed from and yet dependant upon consciousness.

I've awaken to a higher level of consciousness since my birth. It was inevitable. My perceptions not becoming more acute, but my mind more believing of my perceptions after years of being honed to believe that I could not trust my own perceptions.

Historically, I filled my apartment with appropriate furnishings. Via memory, I know where I am when I awake and my choices made historically aid in my comfort and survival.

My intuitive talents ridiculously bound to survival, have closed out the processing of words and concepts. I must rely more on my brain capacity, which due to age and weathering, is hampered by a less than ample memory. But I still remember my surroundings when I awake to them.

Consciousness is the mind aware, enhanced by the five senses, history and intution. The immediate becoming history with every breath, every chemical reaction in the brain. Consciousness is movement, not a solid matter. A flow of knowing. Each iota of a moment a meeting of history, intuition (or future) and the empirical five senses.

Memory, is essential to consciousness. As the sun is to the breaking dawn and day, so is memory to consciousness.

Memory is the glue to yesterday which holds today together, by the processing of conscious activities and my reactions to them, proving the continuity of myself and my place in this life. Otherwise, stability has no purpose. And I mean stability of personality, in a psychological sense.

Consciousness is the cavernous place and memory is the flashlight, a constant searching for signs of stable knowledge and trails to more. But so is curiosity the flashlight. Creativity links the knowledge of memory and immediacy. It finds that art and science are linked, that music and math are related. Creativity, or imagination allows for the ability to understand that which is beyond the empirical.

And this moment, just became history. We just stepped into the future.

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