Understanding the State of Consciousness

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"Understanding the State of Consciousness"
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"Consciousness" is the here and now of who we are. Our everyday thoughts and actions, our beliefs and ideas. Consciousness is the part of the human brain that governs, actions and reactions. To be conscious is to be in control of mind, body and soul.

Many things can alter an individuals consciousness which causes the individual to lose control and in turn not be aware of their own conscious. Consciousness to many is just being awake. However other factors can and do have a role in this state of mind.

Factors such as drug use, deep beliefs, atmosphere, leaders, stress and so many other situations. To just be awake is not being conscious, not in the true sense of the word.

People, who use drugs have a altered consciousness. These individuals are not fully aware of the their behaviors. Their brains are awake but, the individuals are not in control of what the brain is doing. For instance heroin or acid users cannot stop their brains from wanting more.

While using, they cannot stop or control the images they are seeing, hearing, smelling or in any way participating in. Their thoughts and consciousness are unknowing and out of control and therefore that person is not conscious.

People lose control of their own consciousness when they fall under the control or beliefs of other people. People who no longer make their own decisions and wait for others to govern their every move are no longer conscious.

During this state people will do things they would not normally do, such as murder, commit suicide, steal and blindly follow anywhere the controller goes. These followers hand over their own consciousness to a person they believe can live their lives more suitably. They do not question or challenge, they just unconsciously follow.

Factors such as stress, depression and anxiety can also play a role in an individuals consciousness. These conditions can often lead to behaviors of uncontrollable mood swings, anger, suicide and other thoughts. The individual does not have full control of their own consciousness.

Consciousness is not fully understood. For most, being able to live day to day is a unconscious behavior. However for many more this is a very conscious behavior and takes a great deal of work. Consciousness is a state of mind, a state of being which can be altered and controlled.

This state of mind and being should be studied thoroughly and practiced daily, then some day we can actually obtain and understand the true state of consciousness.

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