Understanding the five most Important Simple Machines

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"Understanding the five most Important Simple Machines"
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What are the five simple machines you should have rudimentary understanding of? I spent awhile thinking about it and I have come up with my list of 5 simple machines based on the effects they have had on our lives.

The Computer
The benefits brought onto human kind by the invention of computers needs no explanation, however it is with great regret that I say that a lot of computer users are still amateurs at using this tremendous machine and needs to be educated on how to use it for greater efficiency. Simple protection measures and safe computing habits should be nurtured.

The Car
Everyone hail the automobile, the invention of this not-so simple machine has really made our lives more convenient, while we could all do without the jams and the headache it causes us, it does not diminish the value of this machine and how it has served us well over decades. Everyone who owns a car should have simple understanding of how it works and how to maintain it so that in the event of a little incident like a tyre puncture, it can be repaired on the spot.

The Bicycle
The bicycle has been around for quite a while and despite the emergence of many new means of transportation, the bicycle still remains a favorite mode of transport and a hobby for many. It travels great distances using negligible amount of physical labor. Thus is the wonderful machine called the bicycle.

The Stapler
If you have not noticed, as the list goes on the size and the complexity of the "machine" seems to diminish. The humble stapler works on simple lever principle but is a must have in every office because of its ability to hold loose pieces of paper together, not forgetting its dangerous potential as a weapon.

The Pen
While most people might not consider the pen to be a machine, the contribution of the pen towards the advancement of human-kind is for all to see. The pen and the technology of its ink-flow technology still eludes the common man as we still believe that hitting a non-working pen hard enough will cause it to work again.

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