Understanding the Evils and Dangers of Group think

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"Understanding the Evils and Dangers of Group think"
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There is a certain common illness within people and it most usually stems from anger about something during childhood. While I'm no advocate of spoiling and over protecting children, I understand that often circumstances occur during a person's childhood and for some reason, a caring adult was not present to help the child make sense of things and overcome the fear and anger. This fear and anger can be carried over into adulthood and cause dangerous behaviors. That does not mean that everybody who had it rough coming up is a potential serial killer.

I am aware of a situation in the town where I live, where groups of angry people are allowed a certain carte blanche in abusing people, whom the group think people deem worthy of it. The group think people are various so-called leaders in the community. The group think people give false information to the angry people, give them a person to "work on" so to speak, then sit back and laugh.

A person can be totally innocent and it will not matter. If you've read the book The Innocent Man written by John Grisham, then you are aware of the fact that Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz went to prison for a murder they didn't commit. Now retired district attorney Bill Peterson and the detective (now retired), Gary Rogers who worked the case for him have taken much of the heat for the wrongful conviction. But the fact remains that there was a conspiracy to use Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz, which was in the beginning seperate from Bill Peterson and Gary Rogers.

I am not in any way related to or fond of Bill Peterson or Gary Rogers. Nor do I hate them. As a matter of fact I went through the armed portion of my security training with Gary Rogers as the instructor. Gary Rogers was rational, and never showed any conversation or behavior which would have made me think that he was stupid.

As I see it, there is a certain psychology, "a way of life", if you will. For any one who thinks that a district attorney runs things in a small town, think again. He can sometimes find himself at the command of group-think. Then, when the heat comes down and the fed start looking around and human rights groups start looking around, then the D.A. is the bad guy, the mastermind if you will. And maybe he was. I don't know.

While I thought that the book which Mr. Grisham wrote was too fact based and held no connections of logic on a larger scale, which would have tended toward a social and psychological change within the community, I knew that when I read Norma Walker's name therein and that she'd been involved with Ron Williamson's life at one time... it became clear to me just how dangerous group-think is.

Norma Walker worked in the psychology vocation here in town. Going through a very bad divorce, I once attended a group therapy she was overseeing. One day, completely stressed, I said, "Wow, I need a wife!". I was taking care of two children, one of whom was an infant, working and attempting to go to school. Norma looked flabbergasted, her mouth fell open and she blurted angrily, "You mean a husband!". I was not delusional or depressed, I simply made a statement which confirmed that women get more done than men do when it comes to domestic issues. I was not planning on marrying a woman and I wasn't yearning for one. Based on Norma Walker's reaction to my statement, you would have thought I'd slapped her.

I decided to give the group therapy thing a little test, because I was already on to the psychology. So I went in one day and informed the group I was going to get married to a guy I knew. The next day when I saw him, he was pale and said, "I don't want to get married". He and I had never discussed marriage. I assured him that I didn't want to get married either and let the matter go, having confirmed what I suspected. No one in the group knew him and I had not said anything about marriage to anyone else.

Group-think is evil and dangerous and is often established under the guise of religion, psychology and morality. Professionals involved in it are never professional. One can be caught up in the insanity of it in one place and leave, thinking that they are getting away from the insanity, only to find that paperwork can follow them and it doesn't have to be factual or truthful.

One of the ways you will know that you are the victim of group-think is that those involved have feelings and you don't. Everything you say or do will be used against you. They enjoy torturing people. Watching you go crazy appeases them and it is their confirmation that you are somehow guilty. Guilty of what? Whatever they decide.

Alot of work from alot of areas went into imprisoning Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz.

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