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I became aware of her about 9 years ago when I was doing a Security stint and the subject of her successful suicide came up. I did not know her personally. Yet, I was sickened to hear about how she sat in a certain, specific chair, held a gun to her head and splashed her brains out on the wall behind the chair. Her husband found her.

It is said that what drove her to her demise began as a rather heroic act to help a little girl who was being molested. It is said that after she'd reported the sexual abuse to authorities, in this case, the Department of Human Services, her life got very strange.

It got so strange, that she no longer wanted to live.

There is no doubt in my mind that sometimes, suicide is an action taken by one who has been set up to believe something, that simply is not and never has been true. I believe this is what happened to the woman of whom I am writing. She did not know or understand the politics of incest and it killed her. Make no mistake about it, I do not blame the little girl. I don't believe that incest is hereditary and I don't believe that kids "ask for it". Nor do I believe that kids who've been molested deserve to be psychologically mutilated.

Having cleared those issues, I attest that the woman of whom I speak committed suicide because she was driven to it after a life of being set up for it. She believed in men too much. She believed in a system that is shifty. She believed she was doing the right thing. When in fact, she was killing herself. She just didn't know it. She didn't know how close she'd come to her natural enemy.

The politics of incest demand that anyone who would dare attempt to save their children, be socially and politically cut asunder. That's how it works. Connect the dots and well, you get the picture.

If the truth were really known, I think what you'd find is that suicide is rarely an action taken by people who "for no reason no longer want to live". What you would find is that there are reasons that people commit suicide.

I know from experience how this all works and all of the lies that go into building a case against the person. It's dirty business. And the more innocent you are, the dirtier it can get. "It" can be in church, school, the police department, an Indian tribe. Hey, people err. They do things that they shouldn't and then they need it covered up. Psychology gets involved. The majority rules.

The multi-disciplinary task force attacks. Yes, those poor souls who were at one time attacked themselves. Abuse begets abuse. Everytime I think about the scum bag Ronald Reagan and how he contributed to this current mess, I want to puke.

An Indian woman once leaned over and whispered in my ear, "We're in the last days". Some people deal with strange circumstances with religion. So that the surreal conditions don't even have to make sense.

Still, I don't see suicide as an option.

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