Sat image of Area 51

Understanding Government Coverup of Ufos

Sat image of Area 51
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"Understanding Government Coverup of Ufos"
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US Military cover-up; that is a phrase that has a familiar sound to it, doesn't it? In general, people love conspiracy stories. But is there really a conspiracy story here? A person who knows the inner working could answer that there both is, and there isn't.

There are a lot of reasons the US military might attempt to cover UFO sightings, ranging from the strange and unlikely, to conspiracy theories, to much more likely reasons. Let's look at some of those purposes that are more feasible. Note that this isn't saying that they have, it is only giving reasons why they might.

The biggest is probably a combination of the lack of control, and panic.

Hypothetically, to make it a little easier to explain, let's say that there is a major fighter base that has a number of reported sightings. Given this information, the base may either release the reports or put a lid on them. Those are their options.

What would happen if they did the former? It is a near certainty that the base would be deluged with phone calls and sightseers hoping to glimpse a UFO. Such activity would make it difficult for the base to continue functioning as normal, much less actually examine the reports, especially considering that a lot of the business that is conducted on a military base is classified for various valid reasons. Personnel who had other tasks to do would need to be reassigned for a period of time to help handle the additional calls and civilians who would be snooping around.

Keep in mind that disclosure of information is not a bad thing to strive for. However, there is also a case of diminishing returns, when the digging for facts causes more problems than they can possibly cause good.

Questions would also arise that could be a thorn in the side of the military machine. How could this occur when you have the best fighters in the world? What are you doing to prevent it from happening again? If this happened here, how difficult would it be for it to happen somewhere, which isn't as well protected? Without answering the questions, the military appears weaker in the eyes of the public, undermining the reassurance they give to everyone.

Naturally, the questions have no real answers, and they are a little off the wall, but those and other similar questions would be and are common, and the inability to answer them directly could result in a negative perception of the military. This would further put the base in the spotlight, making it yet more difficult for the personnel to continue their work, investigations and daily routine.

Now let's consider what would happen if they deny that it ever happened, and sealed any evidence for the sightings that there might have been, so that the public didn't have direct access to the information or the people making the reports.

Without the evidence and reported statements, while there would likely be a number of rumors and whispered stories, there would be little to substantiate that anything happened that was out of the ordinary. There might be a few curious sightseers, however it is unlikely that the number of news hounds would be large, nor that they would stay around the base very long. This means that the base operations would continue on without a great deal of disruption, and the investigation would continue, unimpeded.

Even if the military were accused of a cover up, there would be little to prove any such cover up, so the accusations would be weak and short lived. This would be true even if they were well founded.

This is just considering sightings near a base. If you go a greater distance from a base, the less control the military has to prevent the negative results of allowing the reports to be released, and the more people who would be questioning, panicking or looking at the military and what they are doing to protect the people.

Is it really any wonder that the US military might attempt to cover UFO sightings? In fact, it would be a little surprising if they didn't at least try to cover up the information. This might not make many of us happy, but at least their motives are fairly easy to understand whether they are right or wrong. This is all without pointing out, until this point, that the military has always been better at keeping secrets than with disclosing information.

It goes further than this. Admitting to some knowledge of sightings leaves the door open to the hints of military secrets that are not previously known. For instance, imagine what would have happened a stealth fighter had tracked, 20 years ago, a UFO and this was reported.

"A what?" people might say. "What is a stealth fighter? What does it do and what can it do? Why didn't I know about this?"

Does that really help any of us? We really don't need to give away secrets that have been keeping us safe for so long. But the curiosity of people is insatiable, and nearly all of us feel that quest for information.

Again, though, this isn't trying to support such cover-ups, but rather to explain why they might occur. We each must make our own determination as to whether there is a cover up occurring, and if so, how it affects us, both positive and negative. What we should not do is to arrive at that conclusion too quickly and without giving it some in depth thought.

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