Understanding Dark Matter

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What is dark matter exactly? For one, dark matter is not dark but opaque since all matter is dark when not energized by string energy. So is dark matter Nuclear or another source of energy?

The energy from the Dark Matter can be used as force if such force is not defined in all forums such as rote material and contrived into nomeclature since it is obscure enough to be used for many purposes that are scientific and science fiction.

The use of force to explain dark matter is better since energy is used for transferrance of matter to force to matter to force to matter once again. The Red gluonic upphage is not used to explain this but may be contrued since Red is a derivative of Blue and Orange and Green but Green shouldn't be used anymore since this is not the energy we use for transferrance but for mitigating the energy and it's force we call Dark Matter.

Going too far into the science fiction community can cost us many things as far as science goes since science is the relative of philosophy and we all know that philossiphy and science are part and parcel of the same derriguer and cannot explain all things apart but can expect tp find that all things are like a malstream of communitive properties we call interpretive logic and logic above reasoning which is fuzzy but not too fuzzy since the fuzzy things are not logical but are afraid that all things shall be exumed into philosophy if we cannot understand science completely.

The most important part of the great storm of the century is that it is made of many parts who cannot be made into other things like gluons and quarks are made into things but aren't divisable by themselves.

The Honest and Bold Declaritive Statements of the Science Community are not the collusion of energy but the collusion of forces which do cause interference patterns and cause us to think they are not us, the gluons, but the muonic dispersions we don't particularly care for.

The reason I like to writer about science fiction is that red matter that I have called it for years is not the blue or the yellow but the mishmash of interference waves we have come to expect from the factions of science majors who wish to make a name for themselves without the proof we come to expect these days.

Sometimes we fight like barbarians for our cause, these cannot be justified into the science community but we have come to know that great many things are said in the name of science but not really science at all. This has been fun for me to understand the minds of Roald Dahl and such since he came up with many things in the name of science fiction. We all loved him too much. Maybe he can find a job in the afterlife and have a nice time since he is too obvious in his efforts to gain a good job and find his moniker of loosey goosey and hoosey woosey. I live here in SB for all to see that I'm a nice guy and I like Roald Dahl too much since I like his records he made for childrens shows and lovely peacable actions for all people.

The new modern era is before us. We can take it or leave it and that's our plan and was Roald Dahl's plan too. He thinks we are for certain great intelligent people we can depend on and not allow our thinking to stray into the grey area of life which is the false ascertians that science and science fiction are the same.

The road less traveled is not the road we have traveled in the past but have traveled it often and far and have given our travel to the king and the queen since they are the king and the pawns of science fiction and science too, though we may say the fiction is good but is not as good as blue, orange, red, or even yellow since colors are gluons and not muons if the muons are not indeed the orange or green or yellow asperages of the nuclear matter we call dark matter.

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