Understanding Blood Electrification

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"Understanding Blood Electrification"
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At this moment, as I write this article I am attached to a device, a small plastic box complete with electrodes and their little custom-made flannel cotton covers. It's not been approved by the FDA, and there are many who say that its very existence is the subject of a plot by pharmaceutical companies. After all, if this is something that can do what it's reputed to have accomplished in seemingly countless alternative medicine circles, many of whom claim to have been directly affected, positively SAVED, if you care to hear it.

So, what is blood electrification? What's the hoopla, exactly? In 1990 two doctors at the Einstein school in New York made a remarkable discovery for which they have received a patent (patent# 5,139,684), and this is what all of the currently methodologies proceed from, research done applying a small amount of electricity to blood that basically resulted in the inactivation of the AIDS virus.

Using a small amount of direct current, Dr. William Lyman and Dr. Steven Kaali used 50-100 microamperes to disallow the virus to produce reverse trascriptase, essentially allowing the immune system to deal with the virus by keeping the virus from being able to invade human cells. After proving their test results, that's right kids, it apparently works, they were awarded their patent.

Now, you might be wondering why these two men's names aren't incredibly famous. I don't think it would be out of the line to ask this question. What exactly would keep people from utilizing this technology? These two doctors offered two different options on how to apply their theory. One involved removing the blood from the body and returning it. The other involved installing a device surgically inside the body, which would have to be moved every now and again due to calcification and other various issues.

Still, all difficulties with these methods aside, it would still be far preferable to kill the AIDS, right? Well, one would think. The gentlemen gave a presentation at a symposium on combination therapies for AIDS treatment in March, 1991. That's right- 1991.

It's 2007 now, and there is no doubt that millions are affected by AIDS all over the world this very minute. It's no wonder that people say the information has been repressed. If these men found a way to prove that they could deactivate the AIDS virus, then why isn't everyone affected by the horrible disease using it? I won't speculate here. Who wants those men in black showing up at their door at 3 AM with guns drawn, eh?

The doctors may not be pursuing their findings, or maybe they've sold them to a high bidder that has decided not to use the research for the greater good. Who knows? A
man by the name of Robert C. Beck did, however, pursue the use of the theory in practical application until his death in 2002. Having been drawn to the research by a colleague, Beck used his understanding of physics and electronics and was able to duplicate the results of the previous doctors in the petri dish by using a square wave electrification device of his own design. Several small devices exist today that are about the size of an Ipod. The average cost of the units range between $200-300, but the schematics are available online for free and the cunning, home-based electrician can readily create one of these devices for less, possibly.

Today there are scores of people who claim to have been cured of several various diseases, from AIDS and other STD's to common colds and other simple viral infections. I'm testing the theories on myself using this device in combination with another Beck-approved device known as a magnetic pulser and a routine that includes the ingestion of ozonated water and ionic silver, which the electrification unit produces with an attachment with 99% pure silver rods. The results thus far have been interesting, though I can't claim anything specific. I hope to be able to relay my findings here for better or for worse. I'm a scientist, or at the least I'm as unbiased as you can get. Stay tuned. More to come.

For further information right now, look up "blood electrification", "Beck method", "blood electrification", "magnetic pulser", "ionic silver", "ozonated water" and any combination of the former. There is a world of findings at your fingertips. Seek and enjoy.

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