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Under the Oblivion of Unknown – Fact

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"Under the Oblivion of Unknown - Fact"
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UFO Unidentified Flying Object. The abbreviation brings a lot of strange images into our minds .Images that brings chill and suspicion to our heart, under the oblivion of which we starts pondering over the same old question ...Are we alone ?

We have given our own role model images to Aliens. For some they are monsters and few they are friendly ghosts from outer space. From where we are getting all these images in our mind, it's kind of obvious it's all inspired by Hollywood science fiction thrillers.100s of sci-fi movies release every year, lion's share of which is dedicated for our very own aliens. But it's hard to believe that all alien images originated from wild imaginations. Really thinking , from where it all started....I'm not getting into that , we can go on talking about words like Roswell, Crop circles and even mysterious images in Early man caves. Searching internet will give you trillions of pages offering many of these contents.

If they really exist, the probability of finding them is outside Solar System. Our science has limitations of its own; we are just on the starting stage of peeping into our on neighbors few years away. Currently, we can't think of traveling outside our Solar System, may be in future. But the question is, if Aliens won this game in finding us before we found them, does it mean that their technology is far more advanced than ours. On the other side of thinking, they evolved much ahead of us maybe even before evolution happened on Earth.

Scientists claim that we have reached the peak of technology. But still there are many unsolved mysteries around. Just because something is un-known we can't conclude its not existing or it's a mere superstition. Many a time Science has proved that there is a thin line between Science and superstition. Let's call that 'X'.

To explain more, I'll describe a very simple experiment. Take any fact, already established by science. Travel in timeline backwards and also frontward, until you reach a point where you can't proceed. I am sure you'll journey will be a victim of unsolved mysteries at some point in time. The reason is our science is not advanced to explore further at this point in time. But as per my view always no matter how advanced we become in science always the beginning and ending will come to an unknown point.

I would like to end my article with a quotation from Bible. I am not trying to relate science and religion, but just want to provide some food for thought. I think you'll figure out yourself what my point is

God: "I am the alpha & I am the Omega, where Alpha stands for Beginning & Omega for Ending"

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