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Flying saucers? UFOs in other words. Details, details on these devices are too numerous to say that these are well-known terrestrial phenomena of no importance.

But it is proven through many accounts from witnesses that these phenomenons cannot be explained at all from our purely human point of view.

Over time it was thought that they could be secret military weapons designed by Russia or the USA etc. Recently, an airport was closed down in China because of a suspicious device circling in the sky: no explanation was given as to what it was about. Only the sceptical on-lookers claimed it was just a kite.. 

However, some elements stand well beyond our human imagination, especially: 

-  these vehicles can stay put and then disappear from their equilibrium with an ultimate acceleration, that is to say without the force of inertia that makes any car or aircraft move from 0.0 speed to the X.X speed desired after a certain length of time. Nothing similar has been invented by man and the inertia is quite compulsory to reach a targeted speed and combat the earth gravity. With UFOs such things remain a mystery.

We therefore stand in the presence of disturbing phenomena, unexplained, and only the irony from certain people accounts for the latter. 

The Roswell case cast also real mysteries on the UFOs for it has never been explained. The initial information given by the Army in 1947 indicated that  a “flying saucer” had crashed near  Roswell. Over the years, this information has been denied, hidden away at this point.

And then there were piles of reports giving evidence that strange things appear at times that do not seem to be explainable from an human point of view. Formerly in the old times, even painters depicted non-identified flying objects in their paintings. So the existence of UFOs dates back to centuries for sure.

Mention may also be made of five UFOs over New York in 1957. Since we had no explanation for these, what remains today of this phenomenon is that it was kind of joke. Like any other story of little green men coming from Mars!

Nevertheless, some theories have recently been issued on this subject: 

1. Earth is a grain of sand in the Universe on a beach stretching from New York to Miami. As a result, it is impossible for anyone from the outer space to find us in the universe.

 2. As a result, any such visitors discovering us at random would be masters of an advanced technology which is not ours, but how could they travel such enormous distances? We know that it would take years to reach the nearest star and months for Mars. So how could they do it?

3. The other interesting theory reads that these vessels are empty and are remotedly guided. So they could travel for years or centuries. This theory, that cannot be proved as of now is interesting because in ancient times, men had written about these phenomena. It is not impossible that the Earth was visited centuries ago. Religious writings speak of the Angel, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. and a scientific interpretation of the Bible produced in England in the 70s tended to show, by replacing the language of religion and mysticism with our contemporary vocabulary, that the so-called Angel was an alien and Sodom had been destroyed by an atomic explosion.

In short, the mystery remains. We can still believe in the existence of unidentified flying objects for as long as someone will not come up with the proof that UFOs do not exist.

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