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U.F.O.s: a decade of contact? More like since the beginning of time.

Strange title this, except if you meant that there seems to be more contact during some decades than others, such as in the 1970's. U.F.O.'s have been recorded from time immemorial and if we started at a certain point in history there is every possibility other life forms and their mode of travel through space were round at the same time or earlier. There is a theory that the inhabitants from Mars came here and populated. The very fact that U.F.O.'s are mentioned in the Bible is proof that man saw objects in the sky from a very early time.

The only reason one would talk about a decade of contact is if detrimental events were happening on earth and these visitors are keeping an eye on things. It is well known that they are regularly seen over United States air force bases and were round lots during W.W.2.. Maybe they have been keeping an eye on the wars that America has involved itself in?

Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded, or at least the occupants of them, in Australia's aboriginal rock paintings,the oldest in the world. The "Wandjina" are drawn as figures wearing space like helmets. These paintings are in the Kimberley region in remote north western Australia. My wife and I have talked with aboriginal elders in Central Australia under the famous natural wonder , 'Uluru', and they told us their ancestors came from the stars and it is written in their mythology.

You might say a decade of contact, but that contact has been minimal when it has happened. Many sightings, thousands in fact, have happened over the last century but only a few of those craft haver landed and we hear of tales of abductions and seeing tall and short entities. They seem to be pursuing their own agenda and maybe know more about Roswell than we know and are wary of humankind. I have the privilege of being associated in a small way with one of the friendliest contacts recorded, but blocked by both United States and Australian governments. In 1963, I was working in Papua-New Guinea and made contact with one Norman Crutwell, whose good friend was Bill Gill. Both these men had seen the phenomena countless times over the northern coast of Papua( Type" Papua . Sightings of U.F.O.s" into Google it will blow your mind in this mostly forgotten part of the world). Norman has written many books on U.F.O.'S and is regarded as a world authority but if you type into Google -"Bill Gill Papua Sightings" you will read of an amazing case of contact on a friendly basis. In a nutshell he witnessed a craft land four nights in a row near his village outpost and had the whole village some 80 people or so as witnesses. He would wave to the people he saw on top of the craft and they would wave back. Why was his experience blocked by both US and Australian governments? . In fact it was very underhand as he lent them his material in good faith and it disappeared.

There will be more than a decade of contact and as long as the world wobbles with a selfish approach to what we have been given by our Great Creator. He or She Or Family, will keep sending us messages to get it right. Think. Jesus rose from Ascension Mountain in Jerusalem? Just disappeared into a cloud? U.F.O.s can hide behind clouds. Maybe God rescued Him? Think on that one and expect more and more visits till we fully understand the significance of U.F.O.s. It will be decades and centuries of contact, so get ready for it and enjoy it. Don't panic about it like America has in the past and probably now too. My wife and I love watching the truth of it all in the clear Australian skies.

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