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Ufos and what to do about them – Fact

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"Ufos and what to do about them - Fact"
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Most of us know that the letters UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. But let's take a closer look The first word is unidentified, and that is really the key. No one can identify these flying objects, because if they could there would be no debate. Of course, there are some people who swear that they are real, and I believe they are. But we need to have some serious evidence to convince the whole of society.

A government task force or committee needs to be implemented to study these objects. There was something called Project Blue Book that existed back in the late fifties and ended in the sixties. But that group was a sham. The government set that up to deliberately mislead the general public. By calling some UFO's swamp gas and other absurd names, it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that there was a disinformation campaign in play. No, we need a serious committee with expert scientists and other professionals to come together and create a meticulous scientific inquiry into all the cases that are unexplained. Only then can we shed some serious light on the subject and put an end to all the guesswork.

Something like sixty percent of all Americans believe in UFO's. That is a huge number and it's obvious there is something going on here. Many people have personally witnessed these objects, and a few presidents have as well. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton come to mind. There also are numerous pilots who swear they have interfered with their flight operations, and have seen glowing orbs and cigar-shaped objects out of their plane's window. Just what is going on?

This business all started in the late forties, around the time of Roswell. There were a few incidents at the turn of the century as well, but the shear number of sightings began later. There are numerous theories on the subject. One is because of our setting off a nuclear weapon, alien races somehow knew of this and have visited at that time and are still visiting to "warn" us of the dangers. Another theory is that by setting off an atomic device, we have somehow ripped the fabric of space allowing another dimension to leak into our dimension and letting aliens enter. Hope they can get back to their dimension!

Whatever the reality is, there is something happening. There are too many photos, too many reputable eye witnesses, and too many abduction cases for all of these people to be crazy. We need to get to the bottom of this. The field of Ufology keeps getting more and more interesting. This has the potential to be the most important world-changing event of all time. Let's begin a serious investigation, now.

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