Ufos a Decade of Contact

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"Ufos a Decade of Contact"
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First, lets admit that there has been much more than a decade of contact.In the famous picture the MONA LISA there is what many describe as a flying disk in the upper left corner. We have , I believe always looked to the skies, for information on when to plant crops to when to harvest. There are so many temples all over the world that defy explanation, such as the Pyramids, the strange markings of the Madagascar Plains,Easter Island and on and on.

It would be wise to not dismiss the possibility out of hand, as more and more people are coming forward who claim to have first hand knowledge of the truth.Imagine even today if our governments said "we think you are ready for the truth, and the truth is we have had contact with beings not from this world!"

The world as we know it would be over,money would no longer be the be all end all,
Religious differences would be mute.Yet why not? Could God not have looked down at us and said, "I've got to do better on the next creation!". So God could be God to ALL those in the universe, and we could have many "cousins" out there.

Some of you who are in your 40 or 50's remember the basic element charts?
Go on-line and have another look.There are many more today. How? Is it just a coincidence that things like microchips,nano-technology,and some advances that just seem to have catapulted to where they were only 10 years ago? If you realize that the F1-A-1 Stealth is already obsolete as experts state that what the Military lets be known to the public is at least 15 years old, well whats next?

If U.F.O.'s are not from our universe what about a different time continuum?
It is debated if the Universe is expanding or contracting, a task I don't believe is measurable due to our impressive, but still limited ability to "see" the end of the universe.String theory is now about 10 years old yet even though it answered some questions Einsteins "Theory of Relativity" couldn't very little has come out in recent years.

Knowledge is power, and I fear being kept in the dark by the powers that be more than being so smug as to think we are unique, therefore alone.

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