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Although I'm not a scientist, it doesn't take one to understand that by numbers alone, the possibility for alien life outside our galaxy or even in our own galaxy, life most likely exists, and the sightings we all hear about can very well be the reason. Okay, we know that our own galaxy is not the largest, nor the smallest, but yet it would take thousands if not millions of light years to cross from one end to the other.

Those galaxies outside our own would take billions of light years for a craft traveling at the speed of light to reach us, and for that reason, we would have to assume it would be a impossibility for the most advanced civilization to live long enough to travel such vast distances for that amount of time. We are on the threshold of understanding how worm holes could be utilized to travel from one end of the universe to the other without the time necessary to do so using them as a "shortcut" through time and space.

For those who are in the dark as to how many miles light travels in one year at 186,000 miles per second, not miles, but every second, we have to multiply 186,000 x 60 (for one minute) then multiply that number again by 60 to represent the distance for one hour of travel, then multiply that number by 24 hours, then multiply that number by 365 days, and you should have a number so long it just would be too large a number to use for determining distances such as we have in our universe.

So that is why we use the term "light year" for posting the distances between the stars and us on this planet. Each light year represents that huge number of miles from the math I just used. So we can totally understand how the use of ordinary measurement would be almost impossible to use because of how huge the numbers would be. That said, we can only dream of the day we would be able to attain light speed, and if we did, so what?

Just to reach the closest star would be far too long of a journey for us to be confined in a craft for the amount of time to reach it, and that is not to mention that we would need a craft that can produce it's own gravity as we know it takes several months for astronauts to regain what they lose in bone mass and muscle tissue from being in space for any lengthy period of time.

So if what we see, or imagine that what we see are UFO's, then where could they have come from? One strong possibility, which is a theory of my very own, is that they just may be from our very distant past. We know that traveling at the speed of light, time stands still for those aboard the craft, while those left behind on earth would age thousands or millions of years, while those on board would only age very little.

If that is true, then it's possible that because of some catastrophic event that wiped out earth life forms millions of years before the extinction of the dinosaurs could have occurred, and that civilization being highly advanced, had the means to escape the event, and then travel ahead into the future to a point whereas they started visiting our own civilizations of the past few thousand years up to the present.

I believe they come and go as they did for thousands of years to see how much we have advanced so that perhaps in the near future, they may feel that we are advanced enough to accept the fact that they do exist, and can possibly establish residency with us, while sharing some of their technology that may enable us to react to an impending disaster, or help solve many of the health problems we face.

We have uncovered many unexplainable mysteries dating back thousands of years, whereas there was no technology back then that could be used that could account for these mysteries that would require some high degree of technology. But yet they are there and are being discovered, and the question we have to ask is how, why, and where did it come from.

If we are looking for another reasonable explanation, then we have to consider the shortcuts worm holes can provide, but how can we be sure they will work as thought to do so? We can imagine all possibilities, but until we are able to make it happen, we have to be left in the dark until the answer falls on our doorstep.

I do believe that with all the scientific evidence we have so far, that UFO's do exist, and we have been visited many times, but until we have one sitting still that all can see as positive evidence, we have to rely on the reports presented by scattered groups or individuals who supply blurry often times unidentifiable photos and videos of these sightings.

How is it that our technology is so far advanced, and so quickly since the fifties? Once reason could be because some of it may have been shared with us, and is considered top secret classified information. Regardless of what the reason, or how many sightings we think may be a UFO, we will always be faced with the age old question of their very existence being real.

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