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When you are looking into UFO's many have just plain curiosity or have had an experience of a kind and want to know more. To read about other's experiences you need to know where to look first. There are so may books out there about some kind of experience or some kind of a theory. This is one book that I do recommend for you to read about it was published in 1967 but it has some interesting fact that corresponds to the Air Force "Letters to the Air Force on UFO's" by Bill Adler.

If you really want to get to the last days on Earth about UFO's then you need to of course read about it and try to understand how these thoughts have come about then you need to read "Physic and UFO Revelations in the Last Days" by Timothy Green Beckley published in 1962. He also has many other books that he has written on about UFO's.

For these book you need to know about UFO's on Utah and will be amazed about the writings by Frank Salibury and no surprise in the title" The Utah UFO Display" published in 1974.

I know that there are current events on UFO's but for you to get the full picture you need to read about the history of events to understand the present. When you read you need to be open minded these are events that come from someone else.

There have been many sittings of UFO's in Dublin Texas to read about the article you need to go to and type in the search for UFO towns in Texas then you will see all the sittings that happen. Texas is one of the biggest UFO sittings you will even learn about all the stories by researching the sittings in Texas.

Roswell New Mexico is called the Alien Capital if you want to really get into the not living alone then you need to visit this town and get all the information you can about UFO's and Aliens. They say that a flying saucer crash landed in 1947 and since then this town has been booming from tourist on wanting to see the Alien Capital. They are looking into building a Alien theme park soon.

Another town close by is also declaring a UFO landed in town near the I-25 back in 1964 is what the editorial is saying. This site is well known locally that the dents left behind by the craft are four feet and outlined by a circle these is also a pink flag that is there today.

On books on the Internet research them before you purchase them by using correct key words such as UFO's, UFO sittings, UFO visits, UFO theory's. Just make sure that you research the titles that you are interested in so that you are not just buying cause you like the title. Making sure that you are making the correct deal is very important.

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