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Lights in the sky

UFO in Indiana

Several years ago, I had gone to a meeting in Aurora Indiana. The time was mid-summer, so the evenings were quite long and darkness didn't come until after 9 PM. Little did I know an event was about to occur that would over time change my whole perspective of life and strengthen the values and beliefs I had been taught as a child. This metamorphosis took several years during which time I questioned everything I had been taught and came to realize that although at one time I thought my parents and grandparents were pretty old fashioned, they were right about the values and principles they tried to instill in us children.

Leaving Aurora , I was traveling west towards Batesville Indiana when I happened to notice just above the horizon a strange formation of lights in the northwest sky. The lights , which I assumed to be stars formed a perfect triangle, with the point directed towards the earth. I'm not really a star gazer, however I do look upward towards the heavens occasionally and had never noticed this particular formation before, especially in this area of the sky, where normally very few celestial objects can be observed.

What I found interesting was the fact the "stars" formed a triangle and were extremely bright in the fading twilight. During the approximately forty-five minutes it took me to drive home the lights never moved. They never  moved towards the western horizon which would be the normal path setting stars or planets would take. I was now becoming fascinated with the strange objects in the sky and continued to observe them. I began to think they might be a UFO, which to that point in time and to the best of my knowledge, I had never seen .

Arriving  home , I hurriedly changed into comfortable clothing and walked out to the back patio so I could see if they were still there. They were in the same formation they had been in for over an hour. Lying face up on our picnic table I watched them for probably another 15 minutes, suddenly as if on cue, the bottom "star" began to move off to the southwest, picking up speed as it did. It never went extremely fast, however it continued on  it's chosen path until it passed from sight. The other two objects,(stars,planets,UFO,whatever,) continued in their present position until I tired of watching and went inside for the evening.

The next evening, the sky seemed to be normal again , with only one bright object in view. I never did find out for certain what I saw that evening, however after doing much research into the matter, I am convinced  what I saw that summer evening was my first conscious UFO sighting.

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