UFO Sightings in Relationship to various Mysterious Happenings

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"UFO Sightings in Relationship to various Mysterious Happenings"
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UFOs. Introduction to UFOs in correlation with other

strange events throughout history. Please note nothing here has ever been scientifically  proven.  They are are legends only.  It is not  meant to be exhaustive  My sources are “Where to find in in the Bible” by Ken

Anderson, Thomas Nelson publishers. Published 1996“ Mysteries of the World” by Herbert Gensmer and Ulrich Hellenbrand Parragon Publishers UK Published  2007  
Mysterious America by Loren Coleman, Paraview Publishers  Published 2007. 

This is meant to be a general article on UFOs.  Unidentified Flying Objects. UFOs by definition  are  objects of various sizes seen in the sky that are not identified.  Afterall if they could identified they wouldn't be UFOs.  

The history of UFO sightings go back some Biblical scholars believe to Biblical times. Specifically there are passages in the Old Testment  or OT in the books Jer3miah and Ezekiel.  These are specifically Jeremiah 10.2 and Ezekial chapter one. Both are considered major prophets    The specific quotes are from the New American Standard Bible.   I quoted from the NASB because it is known by Christian scholars to be most close to the original wording of the Holy Scriptures.  In other words its a word for word, literal translation.
Jerimiah 10.2...”Do not be terrified by the signs of the
heavens.”    This is , in my humble opinion an intriging quote.   While there is nothing specifically on UFOs I wonder what are the signs of the Heavens?  

Next line its said the nations are petrified of them.   If they did refer to UFOs it seems even as far back as ancient Israel  there were people who feared what they

saw and didn't recognize.   It seems from time immemorial its been human nature to fear the unknown.   UFOs by their very nature are part of this phenomena. 

In the first chapter of Ezekiel , he sees a strange vision.   It consists of a chariot with a   young

man,  a bull,  an eagle and a lion.  Could the chariot be a rocket  from outer space.  Noone knows. This ends the references from the Bible.
There is a geographic site in Great Britain named Silbury
Hill.  It is human made structure that goes back over 4,500 years.   It is one hundred thirty feet and its top is flattened.   The reason this place may be is relevant here is that some UFO  experts reported through the centuries UFO activity.   The theories are the site is filled with healing powers and is a natural energy field. 

These energy fields are known in New age circles as leylines.   Leylines are thought to be where ley energies exists.  Where these energies exist strange unexplained

lights, poltergeists and most relevant here,  UFO

reportings were reported  through the ages.

Nazca lines are huge geoglyphs that are so enormous their
true forms can only be recognized from a high flying plane.
A geoglyph is a writing or figure formed in stone.   The
Nazca  lines are one of the most well known.  Nobody knows
who created them.  Historical and archeological experts
believe they were created at least two thousands years ago.
They are located near the Andes in Peru. The figures are
mostly of local animals.  It is theorized by many people the images were derived from UFOs.

Some cryptologists (science of mysterious animals) think  UFOs bought the Chapacabra to the earth.   Last I checked the existence of this creature was  never proven. The reports say that is a carnivore that kills goats.  In fact Chapacabra in Spanish translates to “goat sucker”   It was supposed to be first sighted in 1995 in Puerto Rico.   Sightings, “evidence” was supposed to been found in Southeastern US and even as far as Subsaharan Africa.  Its
been described as five feet in height with a prominent lower jaw,  curved fangs,  rough dark fur,  skin that can change hue and lastly jagged spikes on its back.  

The possible UFO connection is this.   UFOologist  Tito

Armstrong believes the blood thirsty beast was  bought over to the earth by  an UFO.   Why he believes this
and what proof he possesses is unclear. 

However through the years its sighting's been consistent
with the sighting of UFOs.  Is there a corrrelation or merely a coincidence?  Some persons who believe UFOs represent outer space aliens are of the belief Chapacabras were sent to destroy large human populations so that space aliens can take  over our planet.   I do know there's never been reports of any humans being harmed.  I'm hoping if there truly are such fearsome, dangerous animals there won't ever be such reports.

Mothman.  Mothman's been reported since at least the late

1960s. A motion picture was released in 2002 starring Richard Gere.    At least hundreds of witnesses claim to see the bizarre creature in 1966, 1967.   These observations were mostly in W.Va.  Why at that state I dont know and neither does anybody else.   Its described as  seven feet tall and looking somewhat like a anthropological moth. He is reported to winged and glow or flicker in the dark.   Hmmm I wonder if any of these observers ever saw the movie the Fly?There looked to be  headless.  Eyes were on its shoulders.  Its wing span
was 12 feet from one tip to the nextJohn Keel, the writer
of the “Mothman Prophecies”  claims  those who observe
Mothman, observed UFOs at around the same time.   Plus many reported they actually  contacted aliens  John Keel is the author “Strange  Creatures of Time and Space.  He is considered an anomely expert by Loren Coleman.  See
There is a very old, if not ancient legend of Native
Americans  of the Thunderbird.  This is not to be in
any way, confused with the car.  It is a huge feroucious
looking bird with a hooked beak like that of a hawk or eagle.  Its wingspan is impressively immense.  

Ivan T. Sanderson crypozoologist theorized these Thunder birds were descriptions of outer space aliens seen by American Indians who thought they were observing UFOs.  A crypozoologist studies myserious little known animals whose existence is unconfirmed.Science is cryptozoology.  

While these are some examples of strange phenomena in
fairly recent history,  the fact is Sanskrit text mentions wagons that fly through heaven.  Were these UFOs.  Nobody really knows.   In Rome there was mention of  flying shields.  There was  a rather detailed report of a UFO in the time of the Pharaoh

Thutmossis III 1483 to 1425 B.C.   The Tilly papyrus that
was written during that time as translated by Egyptologist
Donald Lang states the following:   “In Year 22 3rd month,
1st date , 6th hr,  it happened that the scribes were in the house of the life, when a circle of fire appeared in the sky.  It had no head but its mouth gave off a breath that stank terribly.  Its body was a rod long,rod wide*

It made no sound.  This object could be seen for three days   The anonymous writer writes similar objects were sighted lighting the sky like the sun.

There are basically two camps when it comes to UFOs.  That
they are true.  There's been some real encounters between earthlings and aliens from these eerie contraptions. Plus the US govt. is covering up the truth.  Conversely there are those who are skeptics and the sightings merely due to over imagination.    My personal belief is people are going to believe what believe no matter what the US govt says.     *Rod is 170 feet.

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