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Area 51, a secret military base in the southern part of Nevada, has had rumors surrounding it for decades. Speculation around this military base has many believing that the government is hiding aliens and UFOs. Yesterday’s sighting of UFOs in Manhattan only goes to create more rumors about life on other planets.

On Wednesday October 13, 2010 a set of shiny objects was sighted over Manhattan. Both the city’s 311 hotline for non-emergencies and 911 emergency line received dozens of calls. Speculation was frenzied on Manhattan’s West Side as to what they were. The stories vary from person to person.

One person recalls seeing three small yellow object flying through the air. Another says they saw dozens of silver objects flying in the air approximately 12:30 in the afternoon. The New York Daily News reported that a tiny, silver dot was spotted in the sky approximately 5000 feet in the above 23rd and 8th Ave.

The Huffington post reports that the UFOs are in reference to a retired NORAD officer. Air Force officer Stanley A. Fulham wrote a book entitled Challenges of Change. In the book Fulham states that UFOs will appear on October 13th in many major cities.

The reports started in the middle of Wednesday afternoon about the UFOs from West Side of the Manhattan borough. People were speculating what the objects could actually be. The most common explanation is they were not UFOs but weather balloons.

Videos were captured and shown on the morning shows as the news spread of the possible UFO sighting. Click here to view the video.

According to Jim Peters spokesman for the FAA stated “We'll let people draw their own conclusions as to what they saw in the air over New York City,” "The Federal Aviation Administration says, they remain, well ... unidentified. As in UFOs…” The FAA reviewed their radar system which showed no irregular activity at that time.

There have been reported UFO sightings all over the world. Recently, China had a similar sighting. In Shanghai on October 7, 2010 a UFO was spotted shutting airports down for more than an hour. According to ABC news “The object and the lights suddenly disappeared” The Chinese government claims these were military exercises.

Sightings like these around the world keep theories strong; whether or not there is extra terrestrial life does exist. Shiny objects over Manhattan only further the conjecture of life on other planets.


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