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I truly believe in U.F.O.'s and I know that others share the same belief as me. Over the years, ufo's have been spotted in various places with substantial data compiled by sophisticated equipment. Many skeptics, I understand. But on the other hand, many mentally competent people have sworn on a stack of Mormon bibles that they spotted one. Below we are gonna take a quick glance of all the 20th century u.f.o. sitings that have occurred.

1. Donkin Donuts (location: Virginia Beach,VA USA) just recently paroled timothy and his esteemed buddy bobby, just released from the hospital attest they saw something coming up from behind the donut building. They actually described it as "many mini saucers" coming up from the building

2. The Old Iron Shoe Pub (location: Castle Bromwich, England) 3 blokes that were having a great time heard a crash outside. As they staggered outside, they saw "little mini saucers" coming from Arrington's Frisbee, cricket, and, golf course.

3. Trinity Tabernacle Church (location: Mobile, Alabama, USA) 30 people were having their Thursday A.A. meeting when a ray of light surged through the window. Alarmingly, the 30 recovered alcoholics hobbled outside to see flashes of light popping everywhere up in the sky as they described "tiny mini saucers" located near the city's airport where it had been thundering and lightening all night.

As you can see, I definitely came up with more than one source from credible, outstanding, and productive citizens from reputable communities. I hope the lengthy testimony that you just read broadens your perspective and to think...there is life out there!

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