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UFOs in the Canadian Arctic

Simon M. is an Inuit elder. He has lived of the land in his youth, with his team of dogs. He has been a hunter all his life. He is a jovial joker and a serious hunter. He has lived in Akulivik, Quebec since the mid 1970s'. Around the early 1990s' he was hunting seal in a Moose Factory Canoe with some friends. Seal hunters go out to sea, chasing seals in the open water.

His party having spent a day out at sea were heading back home to the mainland. As the sunsets are long in the arctic, it was getting darker. As they were cruising home, one of hunters noticed a flying object behind them. It was in the distance and the hunter gave no thought to the object in the sky. Gulls are common in the Hudson Bay. He glanced at it periodically and began to notice it was not acting like a gull. He brought the object to the attention of his fellow hunters, most of whom dismissed the object as a gull.

As time went by, the hunters kept their eyes on it from time to time. It seemed to come a bit closer and then further, but it was always behind. The color was creamy, with a tint of yellow, such as gull might appear. It however seem to have an inner glow. The hunters were getting more perplexed. Then the object seemed to land on the water.

On water, it continued to move more or less at the same flight speed. Still the hunters thought it could be a gull. It was slowly getting darker.

Then the object did a perplexing thing. It disappeared into the water. Whatever it was, it was not a gull. Simon kept a steady course and the hunters were now beginning to get a feeling of spookiness.

The hunters kept glancing back and looking all around them. Then someone notice the thing was still following the canoe. Only it was now underwater and glowing. It was in the distance but the hunters were all able to see it. Over time the object came closer, only to draw back. This object moved closer and drew back a number of times. The hunters grew from concerned to frightened. Still the canoe operator kept a steady course, keeping his composer in the face of intimidation.

The men assured themselves they were going to make landfall soon. Still the thing followed them, now even getting close. It even came alongside the canoe, but far to the side. The men shared the yellowish metallic glow off the skin in disbelief. Further it looked as though the object was a living thing, judging by the apparent pulsing of the skin. Yet all this time, the object was always silent.

As the canoe started to approach land, the hunters began to get a sense of relief. With a sense of relief, some even started to shake with fear. The object drew back and disappeared into the water. As the hunters approached the peninsula, Simon said they were going to land on the nearer side of the peninsula. His tone of voice was not to achieve consent from his fellow hunters. The hunters were only glad just to make landfall, even if they had to walk a good 20 minutes to the other side and the safety of their homes.

Jamesie W. is my brother. He was an auto mechanic for many years in Inukjuak, Quebec. Like many Inuit he has always been a hunter and a pilot the community owned hunting boat. It is a modified fishing boat. In the late 1990s' he and his crew took the boat out hunting. They were hunting for caribou along the shore and seals along the shoreline. The boat towed two fully outfitted Moose Factory canoes. The canoes were also fully manned when necessary and are used for disembarking, hunting, fishing, and any other activity the boat is too cumbersome for.

Towards evening of the first day, the boaters made camp. They set up tents in a sheltered cove among the rocky hills. There was still plenty of daylight so three guys decided go seal hunting. They packed a two-way radio along with their hunting equipment. Each vessel was equipped with a two-way radio. The boat was anchored and the others were still disembarking and setting up the tent. Everyone hoped the hunters would bring in a seal for supper.

The hunters spend a lovely evening out at sea but could not find any seals. They decided they should head back to the camp as they could have difficulty find their harbor in the dark. As they were going back, one of the hunters noticed a flying object in the distance. The hunters looked at it and considered that it could be a gull. It was flying low over the water as a gull would. It was far enough that weren't concerned about it. Still they kept glancing at it.

Over time they became unsure that it was a gull. They would have lost sight of it or it would have gained on them. It just seemed odd. As they considered it, the object landed on the water. It might be a gull after all and the hunters were feeling sheepish about getting a little concerned. They thought of the matter no more.

Being a hunting party, they were looking all around their periphery for the elusive seals. Then someone notice a soft glowing thing following the canoe underwater. It was far away, but unmistakably underwater. Further it was gaining of them. The men considered what it might be, shouting over the noise of the outboard motor.

As the wondered out loud about it, some suggested one of the guys call into the camp by two-way radio. The guy in the middle of the canoe was the obvious radio operator. He made contact and notified the hunters at the camp about the mysterious object following them. Still they kept going toward the land, even as it was getting darker.

The object was gaining on the canoe but staying off to the far side. It was metallic with a yellowish tinge and the skin seemed alive. The three guys struggled to maintain their composer. The guy steering the canoe had his responsibility to get everyone to camp. The guy at the bow had the duty to locate the boat and their overnight camp.

The radio operator was getting more desperate to articulate the nature of the thing that was following them.

Meanwhile the guys at the camp decided they would make a rescue effort with the boat. One of the younger men would climb the hill with a flashlight to be a human beacon for the canoe. Another guy would man the radio at camp, while the rest of the guys went searching by boat. The guy in the canoe operating the radio was getting more hysterical as the object in the water gained on them. As the object followed the canoe of to the side the radio operator overwhelmed with fear and crying. Desperately he kept broadcasting, forsaking the considerations of his reputation and dignity.

As soon as the boat got out of the harbor, the men in the boat spotted canoe right away. They shone the boat searchlight to the relief of the men in the canoe. The object in the water backed away into the depth.

Meanwhile, the young man had huffed his way up the hill and was shining his flashlight toward the sea. He could see the boat and the canoe go side-by-side and head for the harbor. As he watched the two vessels, an object came flying out of the water at terrific speed far in the distance. As he watched in disbelief, the object swerved making a large arch in the sky. Then it landed on a pond among the hills. It stayed afloat on the pond only for a moment. Then it shot up straight up into the void of arctic evening sky.

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