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There have been many UFO sightings starting in the summer of 1947 to present day, but the first UFO that made the news and radio stations was what we call the "Roswell Incident." This UFO was spotted sometime during the first week of July 1947 near New Mexico. Noone is sure if UFO's are real or not, and remains a mystery to this day.
A New Mexico rancher was out taking a ride on his horse when he noticed unusual pieces of metal debris. After taking a closer look he realized that a shallow trench, a few hundred feet long had been gouged into the land. He reported this unusual occurrence to a nearby sheriff where the sheriff and FBI further investigated this unusual incident to try and figure out an explanation of what it was and why it happened. Along with the metal found, there were weightless beam-like structures that were long, and not able to be bent or broken. The news, radio, and papers are declared that the UFO had been real and indeed contained unusual species, that we call aliens. A while later the government changed the story and said that was seen was actually in fact just a hot air balloon.
The place that the UFO's are held is called "Area 51." This top secret military base is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the place where the testing for aircrafts, and weapons takes place. People believe that the UFO's are held here, along with possible aliens. The government remains to keep it secret and withhold any information from the public. The reason behind this is because of the lights that are seen in the night sky.
With the things I have researched about UFO's I believe that it is possible that they are real. Many things make me believe they are, but without enough actual evidence
I cannot say for sure if they are or aren't. Everyone has their own opinion of the UFO, and this is mine. The mystery of UFO's remains to this day, but hopefully will one day be answered. Until then we can only imagine that the unreal is real.

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