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Run! Run really fast! Don't look back. Run as if you're being chased by an overgrown pit bull on steroids! Don't sit around and stare at it like it's gonna put on a show for you and change colors while spinning. But if you do stay around, which is not recommended, don't stand there like an idiot and wave them down neither, because chances are you'll be waking up with little green men sticking probes in places you never thought possible. Do you really want this? Of course not. So what I'm saying is, hide behind a tree or something bigger than you.

Now, the reason people have no solid proof of this phenomenon is because of our own stupidity. If you see a flying saucer and want to stick around, hide somewhere! Duh! Our problem is we shout and point at it for however long and the aliens are probably thinking, ''ve got to be kidding me" and speed off. Hide people! Hide and take the proof needed to put an end to this mystery once and for all.

Stay hidden until the craft takes off and is gone. Don't be fooled though. They may have seen your leg and pretended to take off, but really didn't. If you are caught in this situation, count to one thousand, three times, and run!  Do not look back. It's freedom or probes! Run for God sakes! Run as fast as you can!

If you see a UFO and it's close, and you want to have some fun, hide. Yes that's right, hide again. Look around your hideout and gather little pebbles and rocks. Take your best shot and hide. This could be a new kind of fun! And for the girls, if you don't want to throw rocks, you can do other things like yell obscenities or put on a show for them doing cartwheels or something. They may like that and stick around longer.

Look, every one of us makes our own choices in life. If you see a UFO, you do what YOU think is right. Let someone else get probed or abducted. If you do choose to stay, be smart about it or they'll disappear into the sky.  No one likes to be stared at and pointed at by strangers. There's no need to stand directly beneath it neither. Get close, but don't be obvious about it. I've heard the laser hurts, more than the probes! They didn't travel here to be harassed by a bunch of dumbfounded people. Let them land and make a neat little design in some local corn field down the street and get your proof! You'd be the talk of the town!

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