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Earthlings have a special relationship with belief and faith. We want to believe that there is more to life than the physical being, and that there is a God who created all that there is, and created mankind in His (or, Her) own image. Are we ready for UFO contact? Are we ready to throw away our beliefs? Are these aliens ready for us? What in Heaven's name would a race of beings, so advanced as to have inter-stellar travel, want to do with mankind and our war-mongering, conceited and deceitful ways?

Mankind must be at least in the top 5 of the most ridiculous civilizations in the Universe! If someone is not like us, prays to a different God, or has a different skin colour, then we either enslave or kill them. Warfare for the sake of warfare, and that is just the civilized countries! The drivers if those UFOs would see what types of beings we are long before getting to Earth, by watching those television, news and history shows that are being transmitted throughout space, that we were a violent race not ready for UFO contact.

Unfortunately, that is how our civilization will be viewed by any race of sentient beings, either through viewing our news services or radio frequencies traveling through space. For any sentient race to watch our lives of ignorance, over-indulgence and warfare; or by watching us in some manner that we do not yet comprehend, they would immediately turn around if they came in peace, and would attack immediately if they were a war mongering society as well.

What could a sentient race from another planet possibly gain by visiting us? Other than using is as slaves, or food, why would they visit us if they could? The only reason for it would be that we were the second most advanced race of sentient beings in the universe, quantum leaps behind them. Still rather conceited of us, don't you think?

With the way we treat each other, the way we discard our sick, elderly and impoverished people, what other reason would we be visited by an alien race, other than to cull us for cheap labor; something that we have not so distant experiences with ourselves (slavery, ). Possibly, if they are of a different species (non humanoid), we might be an enticing snack, or perhaps feed for their animals, or they may even see us as pets or toys to play with. We could never be seen as equals, or "friends", with a sentient race of beings capable of inter-stellar space travel, unless they believed that the Star Trek movies were real news programs.

In order to travel the multi-billion light year distances between habitable planets, some form of light-speed (at minimum) travel would be necessary, and if they had that technology, Earth would probably be the last place a civilized society would want to visit. We have no knowledge that they would travel this far for. The only things that would entice a species of beings capable of traveling that immense, unfathomable distance would be some form of natural resource that is plentiful on Earth (a mining colony, again using humans as slaves for the labour).

And, what of our location in the Universe? Any beings out there in deep space that wanted to come to our little end of the Universe would have to spend a great deal of time, people and resources to even get the project off of the ground, build a space ship big enough to carry enough people, food and weapons, attack craft and exploration facilities, just to get here. Imagine the space craft, the fuel, all of the things that it would take to come here from Trillions of Light Years (approximately 9.5 Trillion Kilometers in a Light Year) away! Again, pretty conceited of us to even think that they would want to come here, and risk being blasted to kingdom come for being different!

Are we ready to be visited by UFOs and an alien race? Sure, we could use the distraction. But what have we to offer them, other than labour or food? Beleiving that there are others out there in space who are visiting our little blue planet, third from the Sun, is something to take our minds off of all of the diseases that we've introduced to ourselves thanks to our manufacturing processes and such other means. It is all something to think about other than what is happening right in front of us. But someone to save us? Someone to look over us? Is that what we are hoping for here? Some sort of salvation from a species of humanoids?

But, be careful what you wish for. Lets' say they do come, in shiny big space crafts, sentient beings quite different than humans; What then becomes of our beliefs in God? In Heaven? If we were created in Gods' image, and here is another race not like us at all, what then, dear reader, what then?

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