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U.F.O. Contact are we ready?

One hot summer afternoon I was walking my dog along a grassy area next to a freeway. Suddenly the dog stopped and stood still looking towards the freeway. I looked too and to my utter amazement saw what had attracted his very sensitive attention. There, hovering above the freeway was a silver disc, just as I had read about and seen drawings of. Now here it was for real in front of me. The thing I remember most was the dazzling, white light coming from six port hole type windows on its side and the way it just hung in the sky. I probably saw it in this state for about a minute and then it veered up to a 45 degree angle and seemed to slide away to the north. Proof of this is on the television series, "The Extraordinary," where on the same day as I saw it a Turkish grandfather had videoed it quite by accident on it's travel north to his suburb. Even stranger was that my wife had taped this show before I met her. When I viewed this program it was the same silver disc, but looked more like a ball. Maybe they can change their shape.

I had always been fascinated by space and as a young boy would relish the time when my aunt in England would send me out the comic, Dan Dare Space Commander. I used to love his interaction with the Mekon, a small frog like creature who would ride around sitting on the top of a small disc. There was contact, but typically in the comic, conflict was introduced for adventure and the Mekon was regarded as the baddie.

We are in one sense ready for contact and those who are advanced souls on the planet have already had that contact with close encounters of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th kind. Only problem when they talk about it is they are ridiculed, thought of as mad, and asked to get a sanity certificate. The people who do this sort of thing are definitely not ready and have usually confronted this sort of contact, at least in films and maybe the Roswell incident, with a gun.

I am ready and my wife is certainly ready as she has been given a task to carry out by contact with people who were just as human as you and me. They arrived one early morning about 2 am and the yellow light on the area in front of the house was what first attracted her attention as she could not sleep. They came in two light ships which explained the color, but she really knew who they were when they walked through the window. In fact she greeted them as old friends and they recognized her. So who's to say we are not ready. I believe my wife fully( though at first this fantastic story bowled me over) as she is such a good, honest person. She was made to get a sanity certificate in South Africa where this amazing incident happened. She passed with flying colors because with her ultra intelligence she is actually one of them and I can tell you if they are all as beautiful as her then some of us are definitely ready for contact and the promotion of world peace. My wife's job here on earth is as a peace warrior and she has told to write a book for this new millenium on the subject.
In 1963 I spent a year in Papua-New Guinea and was fortunate enough to be working on the north coast near Baniara. Here I met Father Norman Crutwell , who ran a large mission station with a school and hospital. He was a hard working responsible man and a the same time a world authority on U.F.O.s, having seen many in that area. Further up the coast and working for the same Anglican mission also was Father Bill Gill. One night he went out with his villagers to look at the night sky and instead witnessed one of the most famous cases of contact in the world. The contact repeated itself for nearly a week at the same time every night simply becuse when he first saw them he waved in a friendly way to the four occupants who appeared on tip of it and they waved back. There's a lesson for mankind! Be friendly. For your own interest and education on this topic type into Google. Father Bill Gill. Papua sightings. You will be amazed at what you read. I worked for a whole year in this area where quite a few sightings have been reported by villagers. Bill Gill had thirty witnesses! Sadly his story was discredited by the Australian and American governments in their usual cover up fashion. All U.F.O.experts recognise his story. J Hynek, the American authority on the subject, actually travelled out to verify this account.
So of course we are ready but it has been a silent contact that has been made. As for the mode of travel. These beings have harnessed the energies of cosmic and magnetic force to power their craft to travel anywhere in the universe. Back to the question, are we ready? Well, if you are talking about governments and the general unbelieving population of Planet Earth then the answer is "no". U.F.O.s are too smart to make full contact yet, for they know of the problems planet earth has brought upon itself through greed, war and neglect of what was given us in the first place. Mostly if they do come and visit (and there have been thousands if not millions of reported sightings). they come to warn us of the perils of not living in peace and wait and watch. There have been many reported sightings over United States Military and Air Force bases.

There will be contact some time in the future on a grand scale and that will be at a time when the other inhabitants of the universe say, "enough is enough planet earth, you are putting the entire solar system out of balance". There is talk of Jesus returning to bring peace to planet earth. The two emissaries from space who appeared in white on Ascension Mount in Jerusalem and told Jesus's bewildered disciples who had just seen him taken up(into a U.F.O.) that he would return in this same way, may just be right. Except this time it will be a legion of space warriors who will need to shock the earth into listening, and if they have the same powers as Jesus, will be totally effective in their aim. My wife will be smiling that day and they will greet her and me too, hopefully, as I am a believer that this will happen. I have come to the conclusion that no earthly leaders have the power to carry out this task, so there is only one conclusion and Hope left.

"Behold I am coming soon.......yes I am coming soon".(Revelation. Verses (12) ...(20). My question now is.. How many of us will be ready for this?

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