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Ha Ha, of course planet Earth isn't ready for any alien contact. Humanity can't even deal with other religions, homosexuality, racism and propaganda. Most of the human race are judgmental hypocrites that can't even deal with their own lives. We as people are also too close-minded and hypocritical, to even try to communicate with beings that aren't like us.
I do believe that some people on Earth are actually ready to meet other life forms, but because of all the ignorant people here, they wouldn't dare come here.

I honestly believe that UFOs have already been here. You hear about many sightings that occur here, but eventually they all just die out and you never hear about it again. The one's that have been here, are probably being kept secret by the government, so they can run their ridiculous test and try to keep the rest of humanity dumb and ignorant. There have been many instances that have occurred by people that really believe that they have seen UFOs. The government and the media, I feel have covered them up making them seem like a hoax. They want to hide as much as possible, because if the truth got out there, they know that the government would be exposed.

I can't believe that we are the only living beings in this whole universe. By even thinking that, you come back to reality and say yeah right. There is way too much out there that we don't know about, and the fact that we aren't even able to travel that far raises questions. Many people say, that they don't believe it until they see it, but I know that's not true for a lot of people. Who's to say that we are the only ones here, oh yeah Earth would. Humanity has such a narrow way of thinking, that even if they saw a UFO up close and personal, they probably wouldn't want to believe what they saw.

The matter of fact is that we aren't ready for any other life forms out there. There's not point to it anyway, if they came here the government would just hide them and hack them up for their own personal research. I honestly feel as if other beings were to visit Earth, they would probably destroy us because of the way we treat each other. I know that I probably wouldn't even object to that.

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