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Absolutely not. We are a very violent species, and very territorial. Which is probably why, if there are other intelligent lifeforms in our universe, we haven't been contacted.

If you pick up any newspaper, or flip the channel to CNN, or even your local news network, you will read and hear about at least 2 murders, 3 rapes, 10 robberies, and about 30 other miscellaneous acts of crime, in one city! If the extraterrestrials have the technology to get here, and to be undetected, by the general public anyway, than they would certainly have limitless data on our planet and species, much like we would if we encountered life on a far away planet. We kill members of our own species on a daily basis, sometimes in mass quantities. We wage wars over territory and resources, instead of working out viable solutions. What would happen if the aliens made contact, and we discovered that their planet was made of oil. I think you know where I'm getting at.

Another obvious reason that we are not ready is the fact that we persecute and even kill members from our own species that have different skin tones than our own, what do you think we would do to an alien species, who would look completely different than us.

The major reason that I point to is religion, which 75% of the world has. If we made contact with intelligent life from another planet, it would debunk the very foundation of the world's major religions. Also, alien contact could be seen as the coming of an 'apocalypse' of some kind, or even seen as the rise of demons, causing widespread panic and probable mass suicides.

We are also a 'capitalizing' species, much like a virus, consuming as much power and as many resources as possible, even at the expense of others, even our own family members. There are daily stories in the news about parents killing their kids, or vice-a-versa, all in the name of money. Can you imagine if a highly intelligent technological life form got wind of this? They would probably label our planet as primitive, with billions of hostile organisms wielding nuclear power.

Having said that, maybe alien contact with help our world, as it would bring together the human race, despite our petty differences.

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